Birds do it too

On our nature strip, we kept finding wire coat hangers. In the bin they’d go only to reappear. The mystery has finally been solved. Our street tree was pruned by the council and sadly that included our magpie’s nest. Luckily the chicks had flown the nest already. We had marvelled at how it had stayed in the tree through a wild and windy spring storm, but now we know why. The ingenious nest maker, was also an upcycling master. The nest was interwoven with wire coat hangers, string, and various pieces of wire. Sometimes, I feel clever, and a little virtuous too I suppose, when I upcycle. This nest though, has put me in my place. Fancy making your whole home from upcycled materials!

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An entirely upcycled home

2014-01-25 16.57.43

Look closely and you will see all sorts of materials being repurposed.

2014-01-25 16.57.15


Bird brain

How clever birds are, to create something as beautiful and sustainable as this nest, found blown from its tree after a violent autumn storm. It makes me wonder who came up with the expression “bird brain”?

Clever bird creation

Speaking of birds, I want to share with you one of my favourite owls. He was(I think he looks like a he), a gift brought back from Italy by my parents. He seemed the perfect size to snuggle into this cosy nest.

The perfect home

He’s tiny enough to sit in the palm of my hand and is hollow with no base, perhaps he is a thimble? Far too beautiful to stick needles into though, I’d rather prick my finger.

Nestled in the palm of my hand