Hippitedy Hoppitedy

I’m glad I made so many of you laugh at my magpie predicament in my last post. Thank you also for sharing your swooping adventures with me. Baby magpie has matured very quickly as birds do, and is now able to perch high up and so, mother and father maggie have relaxed a little and are no longer in attack mode.

Being inside did give me lots of time to make a special order request from my Winter Owls Etsy shop.I was asked to make two of my bunnies in sleeping bags for twins. I made them from lovely angora/ wool jumpers in pink and yellow. Their sleeping bags were made from vintage blankets. On one side, they are asleep and on the other awake. I think I love making bunnies because I had (still have actually), a much loved Miffy toy. She still makes me smile.

2014-10-18 16.17.55 1 watermarked


2014-10-18 16.18.08 1 watermarked



The black rabbit

A couple of weeks ago, I expressed my frustration with a painting I was doing of a black rabbit. A lovely fellow painter and blogger Violet, suggested that the rabbit might like to be accompanied by yellow daisies. So thanks to Violet, I now rather like this little black lop eared bunny. Although, my fifteen year old son suggested that it looked a bit like a pirate as it only has one eye….

Daisy chains reduced quality

Daisy Chains available in Winter Owls shop

Dandelion Time

When I was a little girl, my mother taught me to blow away the seeds of a Dandelion to tell the time. The amount of breaths you took to remove all the seeds, tells you the hour. I have to admit, I still enjoy doing this and the memory inspired “Dandelion Time”. I have been struggling for days with an acrylic painting of a black rabbit. It is just, not, working. Rather than stomp about in frustration, I put it aside today, and painted a white rabbit in watercolour. I haven’t used watercolour for years but have been inspired by some fellow artist bloggers to have a go. Doran, Violet, and Elena all have very different styles which I admire very much. If only I could have had them with me whilst painting the frustrating rabbit!

Dandelion time reduced quality for etsy

“Dandelion Time” is available in Winter Owls’ shop

Blanket Bunny Rabbits

When I was a little girl I slept with my old baby sleeping bag. I had loved it to pieces, so soft and comforting, a little rabbit stitched on it, I called it Baggy. I still have Baggy but do not fear dear reader, I do not still sleep with it! I could never bear to discard Baggy after a sleep over at my grandparents around the age of five. My grandmother was rather aghast that I still slept with such a ragged old thing and so, she sent Baggy to the rubbish bin. I rescued Baggy and hid it inside my pyjamas until I went home. This is the inspiration behind my Blanket Bunny Rabbits. They are made from vintage pure wool Australian Blankets and have their own little blanket firmly attached to their paw. Nobody is taking away their blankets!

Blanket Bunny Rabbits have joined the owls in Winter Owls shop.

Blanket Bunny Rabbits have joined the owls in Winter Owls shop.

Blanket Bunny