Jennifer is an Australian watercolour artist and illustrator living in Melbourne, close by Birrarung (The Yarra River).

Growing up in semi rural areas, she has a forged a life long connection with the Australian bush and the river, which is reflected in her paintings of nature and wildlife.

Her Australian watercolour botanical and wildlife prints, travel to many places around the world. They are most loved though, in Australia.

Artist statement:

Nature is ephemeral, an ever-changing inspiration. Tiny mushrooms popping from the ground today, melt back to the earth tomorrow. Leaves fall from the gums, swirling away in scorching summer winds. Birds fly overhead, calling to their tribe. I try to capture these fleeting moments with my watercolours, evoking the scent of the eucalypts and the sounds of the Australian bush.

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A beautiful crimson Corymbia ficifolia blossom painted in watercolours by Australian Artist Jennifer Ross
Corymbia ficifolia blossom by Jennifer Ross ©
A beautiful sleeping koala painted in watercolours by Australian Artist Jennifer Ross aka Winter Owls
Sleeping Koala by Jennifer Ross ©
Mushrooms watercolour by Australian artist Jennifer Ross aka Winter Owls
Mushroom study 1 by Jennifer Ross ©