Showing you around

I thought, I might show you around my new neighbourhood, just a little. Today I’ll focus on the river, my beautiful Yarra. Ruby the Pugalier and I like to walk along the meandering river, listening to the bellbirds chime. I relax as Ruby eats grass and has her head down, madly searching for food.

Johnston St Bridge

Following the path under the bridge, Ruby the pugalier and I like walking along the river.

Every time I wander, I spot something new, like this mysterious tree creature below.

Tree face

Can you see a face in the tree? My son thinks it looks like a lion, I see a fairytale creature.

What is it about water that makes us relax? Is it because we once swam inside our mothers? Is it the sound? All I know, is that I can feel my shoulders dropping, the tension sliding away….


Slowly, slowly drifting on, close to the sea now.

The river is the peaceful part of the neighbourhood which is a mixture of small industries, historical terrace houses and workers cottages, a children’s farm and open bush, all wrapped around the river. It’s a bit grungy, a little arty, busy at times and quiet at others and only three kilometres from the city. I love being up a little high, not too high though. I can look all around me and gaze and gaze and gaze. Next time, I shall show you how I made Miss Poppy, posing below.


Poppy the koala and I are loving living the high life, by the Yarra.


Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year 2014 from Melbourne! Last night we joined around 500,000 other Melburnians to celebrate the New Year. Trains were free, crowded and good humoured.  A hilarious ride home, where one of my friend’s attempts to get carriage participation, in singing Auld Lang Syne with her, was met with complete silence. It was a perfect summer night to sit on the banks of the Yarra and be dazzled by fireworks from 22 city rooftops.

The world has not been completely happy in 2013, I wish for, above all, peace and tolerance. I sat on the banks of the river surrounded by Australians of all different cultural backgrounds, races and religions. People were wearing Hijabs, Baseball caps, silly looking 2014 headbands, blue and red devil horns, flashing lights, flowers and just plain old bare heads. All around me, faces turned to the sky, enraptured. I thought, this is right, all is as it should be.


On the banks of the Yarra River, waiting for the fireworks.

2014 Yarra River

Beautiful reflections and boats with coloured lights, light up the usually brown river.

nye fw3

Fireworks explode from the top of the Herald Sun building.


The city is ablaze with stunning showers of coloured light.