Not perfect weather for crafting Koalas

In my last post, I was lamenting the lack of summer warmth. It had been a miserable summer but perfect for crafting cosy wool Koalas. We postponed our trip down to Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula, as it really wasn’t beach weather. Finally, last Wednesday, beach weather arrived. It was perfect, not too hot but warm enough to make the sea pleasant to swim in. We took Ruby the naughty Pugalier to a dog beach for a swim and watched an amazing sunset.

Today though, I feel like a piece of lettuce left out of the fridge. It is currently 44 Celsius or 111 Fahrenheit. Far too hot for sewing with wool or painting but perfect for reading and drinking iced tea…..


Dusk falling on beach huts

ruby and friend

Ruby (on the right) plays in the shallows with a new friend


A stunning Mount Martha Sunset


Almost gone, Arthur’s Seat in the distance


Finally it rains

Ground as dry as dust in Melbourne the dirt actually repelling any water, grass like straw, bush fires unstoppable in parts of the state. Struggling to remember when it last rained here, I see trees with leaves that have withered and burnt. My mother has twice seen a fox drinking at her fish pond, desperate for water. Last week, we had teasing storm clouds gather and a beautiful rainbow. A few heavy pitter patter drops fell on our roof and then nothing. But then finally, the skies opened and down came 45 millimetres of rain accompanied by flashes of lightning and booms of thunder. The next day something smelt different, I finally worked out it was the smell of the grateful soaked earth.

Rainbow 2

A pot of gold in the form of rain?

storm clouds

Teasing storm clouds gather.

Lunar New Year

Driving my older son towards the station last Saturday, I had to stop as the road was blocked off. Suddenly I realised why. A lot of people of Asian descent live in our suburb and the main road was blocked off for a community Lunar New Year celebration. I drove home and collected my husband and younger son and we walked back in the early evening to enjoy the festivities.

It was a mild night with clouds gathering, producing a sky with beautiful pinks and greys. The first sight that met us was stunning translucent red paper lanterns. When we got closer we saw a large bell covered in hand written heart shaped wishes for the coming year. What a lovely idea. Unfortunately we missed the Chinese dragon procession which was held during the day.

The air was thick with cooking smoke as many stalls were set up to feed hungry celebrators. I wish I could have taken photographs of the many foods cooking but didn’t want to be too intrusive with my camera. It was very crowded but as we walked to the end of the food stalls, we came across a small carnival. Here I took lots of photos of the Zipper, if only I could play you the screaming that was coming from it!

lunar new year 1

Stunning paper lanterns

lunar new year 2

A bell covered in wishes for the coming year.

lunar new year 4

Storm clouds gather above the tram lines.

Lunar new year 3

Screams in the distance as the sun slowly sets.


The Zipper ( I suggest you don’t eat before getting on this ride).

zipper 2

I would much prefer to watch the Zipper than be on it………..

A backyard sunset

From our back yard we can see other houses, neighbour’s trees, lights at night from the local football oval. Nothing exciting really. Sometimes I dream of seeing a sun dappled water vista, perhaps gently rolling waves or lovely country paddocks stretching on as far as the eye can see.

Last night however the view took my breath away. A lovely sunset, silhouetting mundane rooftops and chimney pots into things of beauty. Heralding the hot day that was to be today.

Summer sunset3

Not a beach

Summer sunset

Not a lake

Summer sunset 2

Still a thing of beauty