Advice of the day, just revel in it

When I was younger, I was far too concerned about what people would think. Now, I’m much less self-conscious, much to my boys’ embarrassment at times. Sometimes, they’ve even applied the label “weirdo” to me. Oh well.

I still wish though, that I could completely get lost in a moment, just revel in it like my Ruby does. Here she is, fresh green grass, spring sunshine. She just looks rapturous. I would have joined her if we weren’t at the Botanical gardens, with me in a dress, surrounded by people, one of whom was, my sixteen year old son….

2014-09-23 16.56.23 2014-09-23 16.56.39 2014-09-23 16.56.41


Perfect weather for inside

Yesterday we were warned that damaging wind gusts could be expected of up to 100 km. It was certainly windy, doors were banging, loose windows rattled and the local paper blew all the way down my driveway, in separate sheets. I was very pleased I had attached draft stoppers to the doors the day before. It was the perfect weather for snuggling inside. I wrapped up one of my Bunny Rabbits that was going all the way to London for a little girl’s birthday. A bunny also went to New Zealand a few weeks ago. My bunnies are becoming world travellers! I’m quite envious of them, I haven’t been to either country although they are both on my wish list.

Late in the day, there was an amazing view of a tree in a neighbour’s garden that was gilded by the setting sun. Ruby spent the day after her windy walk snuggling. You can see her here, snuggled not in her bed, but in my beanbag where she is not allowed to be….

2013-07-01 15.32.51

Off to London

2013-07-01 15.50.17

All wrapped up.

storm coming

As the sun goes, down it gilds the tree with golden light.

storm 2

At the very top of the tree is a magpie, can you spot it?


Ruby snuggling in where she is not supposed to be…

Ruby the hedonist

Sometimes, I think it might be nice to be a dog and live a life in pursuit of pleasure. No bills to pay, work to go to, housework, cooking, no telephones to answer. Nothing much to remember to do, other than finding the most comfortable spot in the house. Can you tell I’m feeling a little tired?

Ruby is always trying to sneak on to the throw rugs on the sofa, especially if there is a patch of sunlight. She loves nothing more than snoozing in the sun (apart from eating of course). I found this lovely crocheted rug in a charity shop for $4.00. Someone has put a lot of work into it and I love the bright sunny colours they chose. It’s too small for me to use so I’ve given it to Ruby; as you can see she just adores it, hedonist that she is.

Ruby 1

Her most important job

ruby 2

Completely relaxed

ruby 3

Snug as a bug in a rug


Someone’s amazing crochet work

The reluctant Easter Doggy

There is a hot northerly wind blowing today in Melbourne, perfect for washing all Ruby’s bedding. After wrapping her bed in a fresh pretty vintage sheet, it was time for an Easter photo shoot. Ruby seemed to enjoy our Reindeer shoot at Christmas (see here), so props were gathered from the dress up box. Ruby sat patiently whilst I focused the camera and then looking rather disgruntled, she threw off her ears and proceeded to eat her bunny tail with glee.

ruby 1

The reluctant Easter Doggy.

Ruby 2

Hmm, I eat everything else so I ‘ll give these a go.

Ruby 3

I’ve put my foot in it now…

Ruby 4

Is this where my bunny tail is supposed to go?

Dogs’ day out

We have been on a little holiday on the Mornington Peninsula, about an hour from our home. One of the best things about going there is that Ruby gets to have a holiday too. We stay with my Parents in law who have a very doggy friendly home. I thought I’d show you a beach where dogs are able to run free. It’s not the most beautiful beach on the Peninsula but it’s so nice to see Ruby running free!


Beach huts at Mount Martha


Making friends

Rolling Ruby

Sheer bliss

No such thing as too much rolling


A group of wags


Run Ruby run

Ruby runs 2 watermarked

Wait for me!

Ruby runs 3 watermarked

Ha ha, you can’t play cricket now!

A leisurely stroll

A leisurely stroll


Solitary peace

A hot holiday season

Today in Melbourne it’s hot, hot, hot. I’ve been hiding inside and enjoying visiting lovely blogs featuring snow, grey skies and holly. Well, we don’t have snow for the holiday season in Melbourne (but with Melbourne weather you can never be 100% certain), and there isn’t much real holly around either. Although I have spotted the odd bush in old gardens.

We’re not missing out on the traditional red and green colors though. I just love these Kangaroo paws in my garden, such festive colours. I don’t know who came up with the name Kangaroo paws, but it’s very clever. Can you see the little paws?

Speaking of things with paws, poor Ruby has found this hot weather very uncomfortable. It’s been too hot to take her for long walks, so at times she gets very restless. My younger son thought he’d dress her in reindeer ears last night which she very much enjoyed. She shook them off, grabbed them in her mouth, soared over the sofa back and raced around the house with them. Finally when she tired out, I managed to take some photographs, which she found a bit of a yawn really.

Kangaroo paws

Festive native flowers

Festive native flowers

Paws, paws and more paws

Very hot Ruby

Very hot Ruby

Ruby the black nosed reindeer

yawning reindeer watermarked

I’m not in pain, I just find modeling so tiring…..

My girl Ruby

East of the sun and west of the moon

For years our younger son campaigned for a dog. We said no for a long time for many reasons such as; it’s difficult to go on holidays with a dog, they shed hair, they make mess, they need lots of attention, they bark, you have to walk them every day, and so on.

Finally we gave in. Ruby has been all of the annoying things above and more. She ate our back door screen and has scratched all the inside doors, she will jump on to an unattended table to pinch food and once up ended a take away coffee in my car trying to drink it. She knows she is not allowed on the sofa but is found stretched out on the top of it, catching a ray of sun. Ruby eats disgusting things on our walks like used tissues and cat droppings. She barks at possums so has to sleep indoors. She also barks at concrete statues of dogs, ladies with umbrellas and shopping trolleys and men with wheel barrows.

But, we wouldn’t give her away for anything. She is so loyal. She follows me everywhere. When I was ill for a year, Ruby kept me company, I could tell her all my fears that I didn’t want to burden others with. Some days I felt like staying in bed all day, exhausted, feeling nauseous and wanting to hide from the world, but I had to walk Ruby.

Ruby is a lovable clown who steals socks, tossing them into the air as you try to catch her. She likes to sun bake on top of her kennel and tries to catch your eye when she is lying where she is not supposed to ” Hey, look at me! Look what I’m doing, what do you think of that hey? I’m on your new throw rug”. She actually watches television and will bark at animals on the screen, running to the back of the television to locate them.

An hour before she is due to be fed she starts staring at me and growling for her dinner. She stalks me, maintaining eye contact at all times. This is particularly annoying if I’m trying to paint, she’ll come and sit under the table and tap on my knee.

She snuggles into our boys and closes her eyes in sheer bliss. She snores loudly, curled into a ball. My favourite time of day.

Ruby the unusual

Ruby the harasser

Ruby and I

Ruby the faithful