Not perfect weather for crafting Koalas

In my last post, I was lamenting the lack of summer warmth. It had been a miserable summer but perfect for crafting cosy wool Koalas. We postponed our trip down to Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula, as it really wasn’t beach weather. Finally, last Wednesday, beach weather arrived. It was perfect, not too hot but warm enough to make the sea pleasant to swim in. We took Ruby the naughty Pugalier to a dog beach for a swim and watched an amazing sunset.

Today though, I feel like a piece of lettuce left out of the fridge. It is currently 44 Celsius or 111 Fahrenheit. Far too hot for sewing with wool or painting but perfect for reading and drinking iced tea…..


Dusk falling on beach huts

ruby and friend

Ruby (on the right) plays in the shallows with a new friend


A stunning Mount Martha Sunset


Almost gone, Arthur’s Seat in the distance


A little getaway part 2

In the late afternoon we walked around Lake Daylesford, past a gushing waterfall to the completely still lake. What really struck me when looking at the lake, was the contrast between the native bush of the Wombat Forest on one side, and the bright green leaves of the European trees on the other.

We came back to the lake on the next day before we left for home. The wind had picked up turning the lake into a mass of ripples. Water birds were everywhere along the shore. We saw Dusky Moorhens, white ducks, ducks with beautiful iridescent green heads and the stunning black Australian swan. I was lucky enough to snap a photograph of a swan spreading it’s wings and rising out the water. Beautiful and strong at the same time.

2013-09-23 18.13.32

2013-09-23 18.43.11

Lake Dayslesford


2013-09-24 15.01.16

2013-09-24 14.57.19

swan flapping

A little getaway part 1

It was our wedding anniversary on Monday, we celebrated with our family of five (two teenage boys and Ruby the naughty dog) by staying overnight in Daylesford. Daylesford is an old gold mining town, in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. Our accommodation was a dog friendly cottage called Maple. It was lovely, old wisteria vines covered the front verandah and it was high above the town. You might be interested to see the solar panels on its old tin roof.

My teenage son drove there, he’s learning to drive, which I find a little nerve wracking at times, so we started our stay with a strong coffee, in the main street to recover (don’t tell him I said that).  Later in the afternoon we walked with Ruby, and found the mineral springs which Daylesford is famous for. You pump the gently fizzing water out of the ground, it was lovely. We walked along a dirt track, surrounded by towering gums and breathed in the clean bush air. At the end of the walk a beautiful fungus caught my eye, softly gleaming like polished gemstones.

I love the old buildings in Daylesford. There are grand buildings but I really like the tiny miners cottages. We came across the tiniest house I think I’ve ever seen. I wonder who built it and who lived there? It makes me think, that we really have made our lives over complicated in modern life.

2013-09-23 18.00.19

2013-09-23 18.46.10

2013-09-23 18.45.31

2013-09-23 19.02.25

2013-09-23 18.25.05

2013-09-23 18.20.46

2013-09-23 18.21.26

2013-09-23 18.19.38

Beach huts on the Mornington Peninsula

There was quite a bit of interest in the beach huts in my last post, so, here are a few more for your enjoyment. The beach huts are also known as boat sheds or bathing boxes. They are incredibly expensive to buy, probably as no more are allowed to be built. I like to walk along the beach, fantasizing about which one I would buy. Apparently when blocks of land were originally sold, many came with a beach hut as well, enabling you to protect your modesty whilst changing. The Shire of Mornington in 1896, appointed an Inspector of Nuisance (don’t you love that title?), who was appalled at the anti-social behaviour he viewed at the beach. Mixed bathing was not permitted and signs were erected to allocate separate male and female bathing sections.

Times have changed now, boats and other watercraft are stored in some, whilst others are decorated inside as beautifully as a home. I love how they express their owners different tastes in colour. Some are quite conservative and plain, or rustically simple, the boards left to weather naturally, whilst others dazzle with ice cream pastels or eye popping brights. I hope to use some of these colour combinations in my next paintings.

Southside 2 watermarked

Mount Martha South Beach

huts 1 watermarked

beach huts 13 watermarked

beach huts 14 watermarked

beach huts 12 watermarked

beach huts 11 watermarked

beach huts 10 watermarked

beach huts 9 watermarked

beach huts 8 watermarked

beach huts 7 watermarked

beach huts 6 watermarked

beach huts 5 watermarked

beach huts 3 watermarked

beach huts 2 watermarked

Beach umbrellas vie with the huts, for the most eye catching colour combinations.

As the sun gets low in the sky, it’s time to make for home.

Dogs’ day out

We have been on a little holiday on the Mornington Peninsula, about an hour from our home. One of the best things about going there is that Ruby gets to have a holiday too. We stay with my Parents in law who have a very doggy friendly home. I thought I’d show you a beach where dogs are able to run free. It’s not the most beautiful beach on the Peninsula but it’s so nice to see Ruby running free!


Beach huts at Mount Martha


Making friends

Rolling Ruby

Sheer bliss

No such thing as too much rolling


A group of wags


Run Ruby run

Ruby runs 2 watermarked

Wait for me!

Ruby runs 3 watermarked

Ha ha, you can’t play cricket now!

A leisurely stroll

A leisurely stroll


Solitary peace