As a little girl, I once got to pat a baby elephant. I can still remember being astonished, that it was covered in long, fine, straight hairs. Beautiful like all babies, it entered my heart.

Here are my little elephant brooches, made from a vintage wool blanket and of course, I managed to sneak on a button and scrap of doily.

2014-01-15 17.21.58

Soft and woolly.

2014-01-15 15.54.33

I’m in the Winter Owls shop if you want me.

2014-01-15 13.36.13

I wouldn’t be complete without a little scrap of doily and a button would I?


Snipping and stitching

One of things that gives me lots of pleasure is playing with my button collection. I found some lovely ones yesterday whilst out thrift shopping, but you will have to wait until my next post to see those. I like to play around with different combinations until an idea pops into my head. I made these little brooches, with scraps of vintage Australian pure wool blankets, tiny pieces of doily and embroidery thread. Things have been getting busier in Winter Owls Shop with the holiday season on its way, and my day job of course, so I’m sorry if I haven’t popped in to visit your blog lately. but I hope to see what you’ve all been up to very soon.

2013-07-20 13.50.28

A twitchy nosed upcycled bunny brooch

brooch 2

A sweet little blue bird brooch

brooch 3

A cosy wool bird brooch, with vintage pink and green buttons, available with its friends, in Winter Owls Shop


Waiting in Yellow

Standing calmly in her yellow dress, holding a basket of flowers, she looks upwards with her eyes as she waits.

What is she waiting for?

Waiting in yellow reduced quality for etsy copy

“Waiting in Yellow” is available here.

Spotty Dotty

I’ve been very busy lately getting things ready to put into a special place for artists and makers in Melbourne, more about that soon. In the mean time, a little light hearted painting that I’ve made into prints. It’s spotty and dotty….

Spotty dotty ready to print reduced quality for etsy copy

Spotty Dotty has just flown in to the Winter Owls shop.

A red coat and pigtails

When I was a little girl around four years old, I had a beautiful red coat. There are a few photographs of me in the red coat in family albums. My hair in pigtails with red ribbons and wearing a black and white smock under the coat, little white socks and black shoes. I think this would have been around 1970. I can’t really remember wearing the red coat, but I can remember being a happy confident little girl. As I grew older, I lost that confidence for a long time and became a dreamy, rather solitary child, not lonely, just happy with my company, quite timid and shy. Now, I still enjoy my company and am never bored, but am a much more social creature. My confidence in the last few years has returned but I am still very much a day dreamer. This painting is nostalgic, looking back towards that little girl I was in the red coat, when life was so simple.

little girl in a red coat reduced quality for etsy

“In my red coat – 1”

Blanket Bunny Rabbits

When I was a little girl I slept with my old baby sleeping bag. I had loved it to pieces, so soft and comforting, a little rabbit stitched on it, I called it Baggy. I still have Baggy but do not fear dear reader, I do not still sleep with it! I could never bear to discard Baggy after a sleep over at my grandparents around the age of five. My grandmother was rather aghast that I still slept with such a ragged old thing and so, she sent Baggy to the rubbish bin. I rescued Baggy and hid it inside my pyjamas until I went home. This is the inspiration behind my Blanket Bunny Rabbits. They are made from vintage pure wool Australian Blankets and have their own little blanket firmly attached to their paw. Nobody is taking away their blankets!

Blanket Bunny Rabbits have joined the owls in Winter Owls shop.

Blanket Bunny Rabbits have joined the owls in Winter Owls shop.

Blanket Bunny

Stop collecting and start making

I have been collecting some lovely chenille bedspreads and woollen blankets from charity shops lately. Also, I am always on the lookout for doilies and old buttons. I have amassed quite a big pile, so to justify their presence in our home, I decided I really needed to do something with them before my husband returned them to charity shops. I’ve made a start with this lovely old pink chenille bedspread. Old chenille is really lovely and soft, perfect for making pillows or soft toys. It doesn’t matter if there is a hole or small stain on it either, you just place your pattern elsewhere. Some of these lovelies have made their way into my Etsy shop whilst some are going to be in a school fete in a few weeks. I just found a rusty coloured chenille bedspread too. I have in mind to make some foxes but am still figuring out a pattern and how I will decorate them.

Somebody who is very clever at figuring out patterns is Gentle Stitches. Recently she gave me a woolly award which sounded quite intriguing. The Blogging without obligation award and the best thing is, no rules or obligations. It is actually available for anyone to put on their blog, but I thought I’d copy Gentle Stitches and award it. I’d like to give this award to Re:retro and Poppytump because they make me laugh (in a good way)! See here for more information.


I have got rather behind with my awards and the lovely Gentle Stitches also gave me a very shiny award, the Shine On award. Thank you Gentle Stitches! I would like to award this to The human Sarah because she draws the most beautiful little birds.


owls in suitcase 2

A suitcase of owls

red button

Winter Owls tag made on my sewing machine and hand dyed with tea.