A vintage Easter

I have been saving a few little vintage finds to show you for Easter. They were all found at different times in local thrift shops for a couple of dollars. Along with a child’s cup, bunny salt shaker and the sweetest little cup and saucer beaded jug cover, you can see a little edible nest. I made these nests with the lovely group of women with intellectual disabilities that I teach. The nests are not my original idea, I can’t remember where I first saw them. They are just like the chocolate spiders I’m sure you’ve seen before. Simply melt white chocolate and mix with a packet of dried fried noodles. Spoon into a patty pan and make an indentation in the middle with your finger. When hardened, pop in a couple of mini eggs or a little chicken and then enjoy. I wish for you all, a happy and safe Easter holiday, wherever you are.

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Happy Easter

I couldn’t help myself, I had to have one more attempt at dyeing eggs. They looked fabulous, until I decided to marble them which made them look a little worse for wear. Oh well, never mind. Ruby will love them! Do you like my thrifted green and cream doily? The lovely rabbit vase was found in an antique store in Queensland and has an Eastgate Fauna stamp on the base.

Wishing  you all a happy and safe Easter,


easter carrots 1

Happy Easter to all

The reluctant Easter Doggy

There is a hot northerly wind blowing today in Melbourne, perfect for washing all Ruby’s bedding. After wrapping her bed in a fresh pretty vintage sheet, it was time for an Easter photo shoot. Ruby seemed to enjoy our Reindeer shoot at Christmas (see here), so props were gathered from the dress up box. Ruby sat patiently whilst I focused the camera and then looking rather disgruntled, she threw off her ears and proceeded to eat her bunny tail with glee.

ruby 1

The reluctant Easter Doggy.

Ruby 2

Hmm, I eat everything else so I ‘ll give these a go.

Ruby 3

I’ve put my foot in it now…

Ruby 4

Is this where my bunny tail is supposed to go?

The big Easter Egg disaster

When my brother and I were little, my Hungarian grandmother would hide the most beautiful dyed eggs in the garden for us to find. They were perfect; royal blue, emerald green, ruby red, and were a particular favourite of my brother. Last night we had my brother and his family for dinner. We don’t get to see them much as they live in Connecticut and I thought I’d surprise him with Grandma’s eggs. I didn’t have the proper egg dye but I googled how to dye eggs using food dye, water and vinegar. I also saw some wonderful polka dot eggs somewhere (sorry I can’t remember where) and thought I’d pop on some small stickers, which would be a breeze to peel off to reveal the polka dots. It all sounded very simple….. The green eggs looked so revolting I thought I couldn’t possibly serve them at all. The red and blue eggs looked quite pretty until I attempted to peel off the stickers which left a yucky sticky residue on the eggs. They looked so awful I decided I would peel them all and cut them in half to serve.  As I peeled the eggs I could see that the dye had gone through the shells and dyed the egg white as well (very unattractive). One of my teenage boys said “Who’s going to eat blue eggs”? Who indeed? They look quite pretty in the photos, but disappointingly they didn’t live up to Grandma’s eggs. Thank goodness I peeled them and didn’t persist with serving them up shelled; can you imagine the comments at the table as people revealed their green, red and blue veined eggs?

eggs 3

Not quite like I had imagined….

egg 1

I quite like the speckled effect though.

eggs 2

Not even a rose can distract from the poor eggs terrible makeover…