Showing you around

I thought, I might show you around my new neighbourhood, just a little. Today I’ll focus on the river, my beautiful Yarra. Ruby the Pugalier and I like to walk along the meandering river, listening to the bellbirds chime. I relax as Ruby eats grass and has her head down, madly searching for food.

Johnston St Bridge

Following the path under the bridge, Ruby the pugalier and I like walking along the river.

Every time I wander, I spot something new, like this mysterious tree creature below.

Tree face

Can you see a face in the tree? My son thinks it looks like a lion, I see a fairytale creature.

What is it about water that makes us relax? Is it because we once swam inside our mothers? Is it the sound? All I know, is that I can feel my shoulders dropping, the tension sliding away….


Slowly, slowly drifting on, close to the sea now.

The river is the peaceful part of the neighbourhood which is a mixture of small industries, historical terrace houses and workers cottages, a children’s farm and open bush, all wrapped around the river. It’s a bit grungy, a little arty, busy at times and quiet at others and only three kilometres from the city. I love being up a little high, not too high though. I can look all around me and gaze and gaze and gaze. Next time, I shall show you how I made Miss Poppy, posing below.


Poppy the koala and I are loving living the high life, by the Yarra.


20 thoughts on “Showing you around

  1. What a beautiful place to have so close to home, I can see why you moved there. I too find the water soothes and calms me. I used to believe I needed to be near water because it reminded me of home, having grown up along a lake, but I think there’s way more to its effect on me than that. Yes, it’s instinctive to need to be near water.

  2. Poppy is really something, Jen! Just look at that slight tilt to her grin that you’ve created!! Soo fantastic. And yes, I agree w/ you about the nubby pattern on that tree – looks very fairytale like and even a bit forebodingly scary!! Love “seeing” your new environs along the Yarra. I’m so envious!! πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

    • I do love my koala’s tilting grins, it’s something I catch myself doing sometimes. A huge congratulations on being published in Metalsmith Magazine, what an honour! Your lockets are very beautiful and a clever comment on todays technology and our use of it. I love them πŸ™‚

  3. Plenty of artistic inspiration to be found by the sound of it in your neighbourhood Jen !
    Miss Poppy Koala is quite delightful with her quirky smile πŸ™‚

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