Making diamonds from paper

l’m sure you’ve all seen book sculptures before and if you’d like to make one just do a search for “how to make a book sculpture” and you’ll find lots of different tutorials. I’m not going to do a tutorial here because I forgot to take photographs of steps as I went along.

Now I know that some of us feel terrible if we tear up, fold, cut or paint on old books. It’s because we were taught how carefully to turn the pages, how valuable they were and how much we could learn from them. All of this still applies to books and I would never just damage a book for the sake of it. There are many books I have at home that I hope to keep always; books that were given to me and inscribed by special people in my life. I still have my Enid Blyton books and my Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder (which sadly has one book missing from the box).

I don’t feel guilty though, folding an old paperback into a lovely diamond shape. I did this with a group of disengaged teens and they really enjoyed it. Two boys raced to see who could finish first, but the rest of us, just carefully folded and folded. It felt meditative and we found it a lovely quiet soothing task.

Making diamonds from paper

Making diamonds from paper


25 thoughts on “Making diamonds from paper

  1. It is awesome Jen. Years ago at an auction I purchased a box of this and that inside was a rather torn and tatty looking piece just like this, the person had turned it into a Santa – the pages were the body and for the head was store bought head they glued a fake white beard to – it was hanging on by a thread, beyond repair by the time I got to it. They had also spray painted over the pages and that was peeling off. It was rather a mess, unlike your lovely object de-art. Hugs, Kim

  2. Well done with creating this Jen … actually VERY well done πŸ™‚ I’ve looked at some tutorials ….
    I’ve no problem creating other art out of old books … not first editions of course πŸ˜‰
    Lovely !

  3. Jen, I’ve been rather absent from the Virtual Village myself lately; am just finding time to start checking in on old friends. Glad to see you are back! I have the utmost reverence for books, but I admit that I could fold up or paint on old Readers’ Digests (there are so many of them out there). But most older books, never. I just cringe when I see someone has used an antique book because it looks artsy. Must be my age showing, I think. For many years, I bought few books, but kept and treasured all the ones I found or scavenged. I love best the old ones with the cloth covers and thick paper pages. Anyway, I rather digressed there . . . I love your diamond; I think a shelf of book art could be stunning, too. (and using The Bunny Tales book is certainly fine with me πŸ™‚ )

    Hope you show us that book art shelf one day soon. ~ Linne

    • You’ve just reminded me of the book art shelf Linne, I must get on to it! I agree, it is sad to see lovely old books ripped up. The cloth covers are much nicer than book covers today, they have a completely different feel to modern books, even the paper was nicer.
      It was lovely to visit your blog and catch up on what you have been doing, I hope you are feeling better now. xx

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