Hippitedy Hoppitedy

I’m glad I made so many of you laugh at my magpie predicament in my last post. Thank you also for sharing your swooping adventures with me. Baby magpie has matured very quickly as birds do, and is now able to perch high up and so, mother and father maggie have relaxed a little and are no longer in attack mode.

Being inside did give me lots of time to make a special order request from my Winter Owls Etsy shop.I was asked to make two of my bunnies in sleeping bags for twins. I made them from lovely angora/ wool jumpers in pink and yellow. Their sleeping bags were made from vintage blankets. On one side, they are asleep and on the other awake. I think I love making bunnies because I had (still have actually), a much loved Miffy toy. She still makes me smile.

2014-10-18 16.17.55 1 watermarked


2014-10-18 16.18.08 1 watermarked



30 thoughts on “Hippitedy Hoppitedy

    • Poppy Tump, how nice to see you, I have missed you! I just popped over to your blog and I see why you have been away for a while, your Icelandic photographs are simply stunning!

  1. Soooo adorable !!! I’m sure the twins will cherish them as they grow up 🙂 I’m pleased to hear you are no longer under constant attack! Last Summer I had the same problem but from an over protective Blackbird – every time I tried to hang out the washing in the garden, I got swooped upon, luckily I didn’t get ‘beaked’ but I did have a few wing thrashings!

    • A wing thrashing does sound a bit scary though! I love birds very much but I don’t like them actually landing on my head. I once got a tick in my forehead from a lorikeet that sat on my head. Not a pleasant experience!

      • It was quite scary, I was glad it wasn’t anything larger than a blackbird, its not nice having a bird on your head I agree, we had pet Budgies when I was little and I dreaded them landing on my head, which they did all too often, thankfully I didn’t get any little surprises or ticks, that must have been very unpleasant!

  2. I love these! They remind me of the Topsy-Turby doll I had as a child; one end was awake and the other asleep. She had a lovely full skirt that covered one end or the other. I’ve been thinking of making some for the three smallest grandchildren but have to wait until we are settled again and (I hope) some time returns to my control). In the meantime, it’s so nice to stop by and see what you are doing . . . ~ Linne

  3. Impossibly cute and cuddly!!– which I heard a lot myself as a kid. OK, as a newborn. For a couple of weeks anyway… : (

    Beautiful work, Jen. I don’t think you have any rivals when it comes to these wonderful creations. Really.

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