A mess of buttons

After showing you my organised cupboard last week, I find myself in a mess of buttons, threads and doilies. The table is covered with little hills of vintage purple, gold, blue, cream, white and red buttons. Fine velvet ribbons curl around each other and doilies lie piled up like pancakes. This is my favourite part of the creative process. I sort and swap, arrange and shift, pick up and put down. When finally I’m happy, I start to stitch.


An upcycled doily, with velvet ribbon and vintage buttons,

2014-09-04_18.43.57 (2)

turns into,


a lovely little necklace. Available in Winter Owls Shop.


20 thoughts on “A mess of buttons

  1. A charming creation, Jen. I’m inspired. In fact I might have to hunt down some old doilies (they’re in a drawer around here somewhere…) and give it a go. I hope you won’t mind me stealing your very good idea : )

  2. Love the doily necklace. I went to my local op shop today and instead of being the usual 50c each ,all the doilys were $6.50 each. I think someone new has started working there and put the price up…my loss.

    • 50c, what a bargain! I wish I could find them for that price. How disappointing for you that the prices have gone up so dramatically, there goes making a whole bedspread of doilies….

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