Winter morning

We’ve gotten used to fairly mild winters in Melbourne over the last few years. So Antarctic winds, hail and even snow on the nearby ranges have come as a bit of a surprise. It’s perfect weather for snuggling in bed but sadly, for me, I had to get up early on a Saturday, to drive my son to cross country running. It was lovely though, to see in the soft morning light, the garden gilded with rain drops. The promise of spring to come, in the little nodding Jonquils….

2014-07-19 10.10.00

Gilded with rain drops

Jonquils 1

Jonquils promise of spring


Raindrops hang like precious jewels


21 thoughts on “Winter morning

    • I do love the change of seasons, even if I get a bit tired of winter by the end. I don’t cope with humidity well either, dry heat is better for me. I popped into your blog and see you are living in Malaysia, a beautiful country. I spent my honeymoon in Penang and have very fond memories.

  1. Glad you saw the bright side of your early morning Jen . And showed us 🙂
    Don’t jonquils have just the most lovely perfume …. wishing you more happy Spring mornings – to come .
    After some unusually hot weather over here the spell has broken and we had terrific thunderstorms overnight … very exciting 🙂

    • Yes, I do love the scent of jonquils, there is something so fresh about it. I love thunderstorms as long as I am safely inside! I hope you got to photograph the lightning 🙂

  2. beautiful photos. We’ve had a hard (and early-ish) start to winter over here, but then respite came and we’ve had nothing but sunny days lately. Amazing. Have barely needed my rain hood 🙂

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