A definite chill in the air

It’s 5.00 pm and time to feed Ruby, my naughty dog. Stepping outside I thought ooh, winter is on its way, there is a definite chill in the air. I quite like winter for a few months, snuggling inside, hot soup and coffee and perhaps a little chocolate too. Of course, I tire of it after a while and long for spring to arrive. For the moment though, I’m relishing the cool change. I’ve spent the day making Wayne the Wombat from a two toned vintage wool blanket. It’s perfect weather for working with wool. I’ve also started knitting a jumper. Sadly, just as I finished the rib band, I discovered I had made a mistake in row two, so I will not be showing you that…. Instead you can see how Ruby enjoys the cold weather. She loves nothing more than snuggling in her bed by the heater.

wayne 1

Wayne the Wombat is available in Winter Owls Shop


Ruby the snuggler

Ruby 1

Ruby the Pugalier with her thrift shop blanket


36 thoughts on “A definite chill in the air

  1. Ruby looks very cozy and snug in her blanket! Wrapping up warm is one of my favourite things about autumn/winter, but I agree that the colder and shorter days get a bit tiring after a while… it makes a nice change to be warm without needing knitwear!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    We loved Wayne the Wombat so much that we just bought him to give to our granddaughter who his due next Saturday. He’s a perfect choice because my husband’s name is Wayne. Our son always took a wombat to bed so now his daughter will be able to also.
    Meg (TigsTogs)

    • Oh thank you so much Meg, this was my quickest selling shop item ever, I only finished Wayne yesterday afternoon! How funny that I named him Wayne! I’m so excited for you, waiting for your granddaughter to arrive, such a special time in your life. I will be posting Wayne to you tomorrow πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Jennifer. Don’t worry when you see the name and address in the notes as I’ve put my sister’s name and address in Sydney as that is where we’ll be staying.
        I had a lot of encouragement about buying Wayne the Wombat from our daughters when I showed them. They were so excited for us to buy it for their brother’s first child.

  3. I think your wombat is very cute and Ruby is lovely, she does look very snuggly. My Toastie is enjoying her new thrift shop blanky- it is a old sheep skin car seat cover, lucky dog πŸ™‚

    • An old sheep skin car seat cover would be Ruby’s idea of heaven, she is always trying to sneak on to my faux fur throw rug! Your little Toastie is very sweet and obviously a big snuggler too.

  4. Aw Jen so lovely to see a post of yours pop up πŸ™‚
    Wayne hardly had time to twitch his lovely snozzle and he’s off to a new home .. fantastic .
    ((Ruby)) .. she is a very tidy snuggler πŸ˜‰

    • I have been a little quiet with my blog lately, life keeps getting in the way! Ruby is snuggled down for the night right next to me. I’m feeling rather tired but have lots still to do before bed so am feeling a little envious….

  5. Sweetness everywhere:) It’s always interesting, that while the chill is interrupted by warm promising breezes where I am, the chill is settling in where you are. Delivers my brain a dose of wonder and reality:)

  6. Snuggling in bed by the heater… I can see Ruby and I like some of the same things… : )

    Wayne is a winner!! If he looked any cuter, you’d have to rename him Mark the Wombat!! : )

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