Look who is back in town

A raucous bunch have been hanging around my local park. This is a group I’m always pleased to see though. I knew they had arrived from the overhead screeching that shattered the peaceful afternoon. The Galahs were back in town.

I’ve written about these beautiful funny birds before. You can read more about them here:


galah closeup

Hello my handsome

galah 1

I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine.

2014-02-16 16.08.38

Flying free

galah 2

It’s time to take a bow.


40 thoughts on “Look who is back in town

  1. What fabulous photos! I think the last time you posted about these guys I gushed about the colour combination, so I won’t do that here. I’ll just say what fabulous photos! again 🙂

  2. Is it really that long jen … I peeped back at your post … August !!
    I can see you’ll be showing us more of these cute birds .. *hoping

  3. Are they a summer migration bird for you? or is this the fall where you are? They look so wonderful .. the spring birds have just started to arrive here and the sight at my bird feeder is wonderful

    • It’s autumn(fall)now. We have cool crisp nights and generally sunny days as we slide into winter. The Galahs seem to move around depending on what seeds, grasses, nuts etc are in the area. So, when the food source goes, so do my lovely Galahs! You must be enjoying spring after the long cold winter you’ve had…

  4. Galahs are such upbeat, cheeky characters. Curious, and pretty as a picture as well. I notice that the feathers on the ones in your photos have a lot of grey on their chests. They must therefore, be very young birds. I hope you enjoy their visits for many years to come. Every time I hear the familiar ‘seep seep’ as they fly overhead, I am reminded of my pet galah from years ago. We are so lucky to have these beautiful native birds in our backyard.

    • We are lucky aren’t we, they are such characters. My great aunt had a pet galah that lived to a great age. I think though, I most enjoy them flying free. I love the sound they make too, especially when I haven’t heard it for a while.

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