An owl commission

One of the most exciting things that happened when I started selling my paintings, was getting a commission. A lovely woman had seen my paintings in a local café and asked if I would paint ten small canvases with different owls on them. They were for her school friends who were turning fifty that year. We met for coffee and she described each friend and we chose colours and expressions for them based on their personalities. Some had to have sparkly eyes, one a very gentle expression and, from memory, there was a grumpy one too.

Recently, I was asked by the same woman, to paint a family of three owls as a gift for a yet to be born, long awaited baby.

2014-04-04 15.58.12

A family of three


41 thoughts on “An owl commission

  1. Perfect little snug Owly family Jen . Will look delightful on the nursery wall .
    Ten different Owl expressions … what scope 🙂

  2. A special picture for a special baby and so cute! I hope you continue to receive many more commissions, there should definitely be lots more of your little owls out in the world 🙂

      • Its lovely to get pleasure from the pieces you are working on and I can easily see why you enjoyed this one so much, I’m sure the new owners and the baby will get many years of joy from your work too 🙂

  3. So much loveliness in your painting Jen! You have created a wonderful gift for a lucky family. Congratulations on your commission x

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