A crafty mess

You haven’t heard from me for a little while, I’ve been in a bit of a hermit mood. I’ve got a few things on my mind, nothing too terrible, just things to work through. Creating is the best way for me to deal with this, it soothes my soul and brings me peace.

It’s been a bit of a koala making festival lately. The dining room table is in a mess, littered with ric rac, lace and other vintage trims. Buttons, embroidery threads, pins and needles, scraps of blankets lie around. It’s time to tidy up though, I’m ready to paint a commission I’ve had, for a yet to be born baby. For painting ideas, I need a clean, tidy space for ideas to flow. Once I’ve finished that, I’m going to start making a rusty fox from an old chenille blanket, that I have been wanting to make, for a certain lovely blogging friend. Yes Poppy Tump, that is you.

2014-03-15 12.06.54

A koala making mess


Claude the Koala

clara 1

Clara the Koala

clyde 1

Clyde and his friends are available in Winter Owls Shop


43 thoughts on “A crafty mess

  1. Love these, Jenn! I bet there are Koala brooches in your future, too, eh? (BTW, I don’t call that a ‘mess’; it’s a ‘creative array’! πŸ˜‰

  2. How lovely to see such your gorgeous craft stitchery giving you something to focus on Jen .. I can well imagine designing and creating these little softies has let you just ‘be’
    Your painting commission sounds a perfect way to be spending some thoughtful hours too – I feel it’s about time I started making a mess with some paints too … more action and less stalling for whatever reason is needed by me Lol

    I’m so thrilled to hear about Rusty Fox πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh, they are all so lovely! I agree with Linne… your table is covered with a creative array of wonderful crafty things, not a mess! I recognise that hermit feeling. It always takes me by surprise when it arrives. But like you say, creating always seems to help. πŸ™‚

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