As a little girl, I once got to pat a baby elephant. I can still remember being astonished, that it was covered in long, fine, straight hairs. Beautiful like all babies, it entered my heart.

Here are my little elephant brooches, made from a vintage wool blanket and of course, I managed to sneak on a button and scrap of doily.

2014-01-15 17.21.58

Soft and woolly.

2014-01-15 15.54.33

I’m in the Winter Owls shop if you want me.

2014-01-15 13.36.13

I wouldn’t be complete without a little scrap of doily and a button would I?


40 thoughts on “Elephants

  1. I am loving this little Elephant. One time I touched woolly mammoth hair at the museum.
    Life is good. I want a baby elephant broach from the Winter Owls shop.
    Well you are having a birthday this year I replied. 🙂

  2. These are so cute…I wants one!!!!! Lol, I collect all things elephants and these are adorable, and you’re so lucky to have the chance to interact with a baby elephant! I played with baby tigers (which are another favorite) but I haven’t had the chance to pat an elephant!

  3. I love your blanket things, but I don’t know how you bring yourself to cut them up; I would just end up piling them on my bed . . . These elephants are too cute for words, though. I love the blanket stitching around the edges, too. ~ Linne

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  5. Absolutely beautiful, Jen! How do you come up with these lovely creations?? The simple exercise of pure design genius? I see… : )

    Good thing you included a button, or I’da hadda file a vigorous protest!! : )

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