Birds do it too

On our nature strip, we kept finding wire coat hangers. In the bin they’d go only to reappear. The mystery has finally been solved. Our street tree was pruned by the council and sadly that included our magpie’s nest. Luckily the chicks had flown the nest already. We had marvelled at how it had stayed in the tree through a wild and windy spring storm, but now we know why. The ingenious nest maker, was also an upcycling master. The nest was interwoven with wire coat hangers, string, and various pieces of wire. Sometimes, I feel clever, and a little virtuous too I suppose, when I upcycle. This nest though, has put me in my place. Fancy making your whole home from upcycled materials!

edited 1

An entirely upcycled home

2014-01-25 16.57.43

Look closely and you will see all sorts of materials being repurposed.

2014-01-25 16.57.15


37 thoughts on “Birds do it too

  1. I have shared this on my FB page.. makes us all look a little silly.. they are doing a better job at up cycling then the rest of us… wonderful post… Jen it is snowing again can I come to visit? I really love that you are finding birds nests at this time of year.

    • Thanks for sharing me Jolynn, you must be getting tired of the snow and cold. Soon though, green shoots will peep through and birds will build their nests, would love you to visit!

  2. Jen, I am always amazed by how birds make their nests, but to use coat hangers is impressive. I’ve heard it said many times that animals leave no waste like humans do, this just proves it’s true.

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  4. Phew! For a minute there, I was worried. When I saw that nest, I thought you’d somehow managed to snap a picture of my hair when I first get up in the morning… : P

    Fascinating post, Jen, wonderfully sharp photos! : )

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