Surviving the heatwave

As I write this there are currently 11 uncontrolled blazes in Victoria. For those of you who live in bush fire areas, I hope you are safe. As I live in the middle of Melbourne, our house was in no danger, the heat though, was incredible.  I thought I’d show you a few snaps of the garden after the recent heat wave. I really think I’m just not meant to grow tomatoes. Last year, I had a grand harvest of one tomato, the rest being eaten by various creatures. This year, I carefully netted them up and had a promising crop growing, only to have them cooked on the bush.

It’s been too hot to use my usual acrylic paints, so I played around with nice cool watercolours. My feather paintings went into the recycling bin as I just couldn’t get them to go the way I saw them in my mind. The bird though, I was quite happy with, so it survived. Thankfully, it is much cooler today so we can all get a good nights sleep…

2014-01-18 18.57.40

Beautiful lush St Mary is no longer lush

2014-01-18 18.58.24

Burnt tomatoes look very unappealing…

2014-01-18 18.56.32

Cool blue watercolour


59 thoughts on “Surviving the heatwave

  1. Jen, I love your bird and it’s in my favorite color!!! I am sorry about your garden. This probably won’t help you much now, but last year I read an article about climate change and how we will need to protect our gardens from the increased heat. The example was to create a cover like an awning out of old curtains over the garden beds to protect them from the sun. Maybe you could give this a try and save what’s left?

    • Yes, if only I’d thought to do that for my tomatoes. The funniest thing was picking up lemons from the ground, they had cooked and were all squishy! I squeezed them straight away for iced tea and they tasted fine.

      • I’m glad you were able to use the lemons at least. I meant to mention the article I read mentioned using old sheets for the canopy as well.

  2. Jenny as long as you are all safe out there let the sun shine. Must be very dificult I lived in such conditions it is very hard as there is hardly any place to hide. Hope it will get quickly balanced. Have a good weekend. He is now in Sydney where it is much cooler.

      • Great so hope all back to normal. So far so good he is going to Cairns at the end of the week to meet some friends, he said it was raining there. Is it Australian rain with 25c? like our summer here?

      • It will be sticky and humid and the Box jellyfish are in the sea there at the moment. I think they have a netted area you can swim in though. I’ve also heard, that swimming in pantyhose helps protect you!!!

      • Jenny what is it holiday beaches, dressing up party or catwalks? Sound very inviting.. I read that they can give you the kiss of death… what a wonderful world… I pass xxx

      • OK so I’ll come over to your side… mind you they will hear I am around they might swim around this little island to come and see me?! I have friends who bought a place in Melbourne but it is too far for a city escape for a weekend.. Will need to wait until they make those quick jets. Have a great weekend.

  3. you got the worst of it in melbourne- sydney is ok at the moment, but we had the heat wave/fires before christmas. i have just visited my sister/brother-in-law in the blue mountains : their house stands whilst all around them is charcoal. it’s heart-breaking. i just can’t imagine what it must be like to lose your house and your hearth.

  4. Oh I love your watercolour birdie Jen ! Would love to see more 😉
    Hopefully the tremendous heat and scare might be lessening a little .

  5. I’m glad you are surviving, Jenn; it’s been so sad seeing pictures of where the fires are. I’ve had smaller fires close enough to worry us twice, but years ago. I know the anxiety. I can barely imagine the heartbreak of losing a home and everything in it.

    Sorry about your garden, too. Hope most of it recovers. I saw the advice about fabric covers and what I would add to that is: try hosing down the fabric; the evaporation can work wonders to help with cooling. Of course, in those temps, maybe the water wouldn’t last long enough to do much good . . . I left some other tips in a comment on if you are interested. I’m thinking we all need to start planning for times like this. We had extreme cold here for a bit; now it’s warmed up to +4 to +7C; we even had some rain! Not good, either way.

    I love your birdie and it’s too bad about the feather paintings. Were those paintings of feathers or paintings on feathers? Hope you do more and show us, either way. And I hope the worst is over in the way of heat and fires. ~ Linne

    • Thanks for the garden advice Linne, next time I’ll try to be more prepared.
      The paintings were of feathers and I imagined something light and delicate but they turned out clumpy and horrible! I found some more feathers walking today, so I will try again.

  6. been thinking about you this week as we heard on our national news about the high temps the fires and the general strain on you all down under. I think of you today as we get 5 inches of snow and the next blast of a arctic cold front… colder here then the last 5 years… you just cant win… hope the garden does better next year as I start to plan mine!

    • It’s so strange thinking of you covered in snow at the moment! My brother lives in Connecticut so I’ve been following the US cold snap. It’s cooled down a lot and I’m not complaining that it’s not beach weather!

  7. Those temperatures were excessive! We missed the worst of it here in Sydney as were are close enough to the coast, but the fires are bad. Fires in Vic, WA and SA and NSW before Christmas – we have almost all had them. I love your bluebird, he looks very cool and fresh!

    • The fires have been terrible haven’t they! I think perhaps all the rain we had earlier in the year meant there was lots of long grass around which is now drying out. Thank you for liking my bluebird!

  8. Your poor tomatoes! Here, we’re experiencing a cold snap, below zero temps. Your beautiful bluebird watercolor works to refresh your scorching temps and illustrate the frosty winter here:)

  9. Your cool blue watercolour is spectacular. May it help bring you peace and a sense of coolness. I wish I could send you photos of my snow-covered yard in hopes of lowering your heatwave. May the fires be soon extinguished! I would send ‘warm wishes’ but instead I’ll just say Stay Well.
    Blessings, Gina

    • Gina, what a lovely comment you have left for me, it’s left me grinning from ear to ear. I hope you are enjoying your lovely white, snow covered yard. It’s already quite hot here so, I shall imagine a soft, cool blanket of snow…

  10. Unusual tail on that bird– you must have been thinking: sun umbrella… : )

    Sorry about the tomatoes. Seems like it’s always either a very good year for them, or a very bad one. Stay the course, intrepid gardener!! : )

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