Perfect weather for cosy Koalas

Where is my hot Melbourne summer? I don’t want it to be boiling hot but some warmth would be good please. Instead we’ve had a couple of sporadic teasing warm days, followed by chilly southerly winds. Oh well, it has been good weather for making woolly things. I have been making upcycled creatures for a while now to sell at markets and my Etsy shop but decided to expand my range and include some Australian animals. I present to you Keiki and Kylie Koala. They are made with an upcycled vintage blanket, the fringe of a mohair rug, scraps of wool jumper and decorated with a scrap of doily and some Ric Rac. They took a long time to make as I had to puzzle over making a pattern for them, think a while about their ears and how to decorate them and finally, hand and machine sew them. I really like the end result, especially their ears which are particularly Koala like. The only problem is, I only have one small mohair knee rug to make ears from, so I shall be keeping my eyes peeled whilst thrifting…


Keiki the Koala enjoys the beach and lounging around.


Kylie the Koala enjoys sampling Lamingtons and Pavlova.


44 thoughts on “Perfect weather for cosy Koalas

  1. Those koala’s are so CUTE! love the vintage doily!
    Sounds like your summer is much like ours here in NZ wet wet wet tiny bit of sun then some gale force winds and more rain rain rain!

  2. That is cute and great work Jenny. Like it very much. My son is on his way over to visit your city for few days please make sure the town is full with those beautiful smily Koalas x

  3. Super cute!! I love the ears! β™₯

    Here, on the other side of the globe, we’re wondering if we’re getting any snow this winter… It’s January and the grass is green, and this is Finland, for crying out loud. πŸ˜€ I hope you’ll get your lovely summer weather soon!

  4. Oh these are an adorable pair ! Look at those ears *big smiles … ric rac shorts …and warm colours …
    Wishing some sun for you soon J πŸ™‚

  5. Oh, Keiki and Kylie the Koalas are lovely! I love their magnificently fluffy ears! Hope you get some nice summer weather soon, it’s horrible when lots of summer days go passed without being very summery.

      • That’s a good thing, I like when the rain does the watering for me as it saves water and doesn’t contain fluoride like the tap. Yes, we’ve had plenty of snow already and getting more as I type this.

      • I saw on the news that the United States are having the coldest weather for two decades, and that it will be colder than the North Pole in some parts. Take care and keep warm.

      • I’m staying in tonight and tomorrow. Our wind chill is supposed to be -30 to -40F. I even had a neighbor ask if I was going to be okay in my apartment or needed more blankets. Luckily, I caulked the window this year so the apartment is maintaining a steady temperature.

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