A festive feel in the garden

In my garden, I don’t have red holly berries and snow in December, but I don’t miss out on a festive feel. Kangaroo paws as tall as me, are a blaze of red above strappy green leaves. The shy Little Wattlebird comes to visit too, dipping his beak into the flowers. As quick as a flash, he flies away.

2013-12-08 18.24.26 2013-12-08 18.24.31 2013-12-08 18.24.38


30 thoughts on “A festive feel in the garden

    • Actually, I’ve been trying to capture this little bird on my camera for a while. In the end, I sat outside very quietly outside and just waited…. Thank you for your lovely wishes and Merry Christmas to you too!

  1. so beautiful.. and so nice to see these in my dreary wet christmas weather… I will just have to post photos of my cold and snow just so you can remember what winter looks like hehehe… Merry Christmas and a safe and wonderful new year!

    • Don’t worry, it’s actually been a dreary start to summer so far in Melbourne. Apparently though, it’s going to be 39 Celsius on Thursday! Merry Christmas and a safe and wonderful New Year to you too, enjoy your beautiful snow!

  2. I feel like I’m looking at a different world when I see pictures of plants and animals on your blog. Australia has such a fantastic variety of all things nature that we just don’t see here in the states.

  3. I bought one of these for my home in Florida – sadly it died when the sprinkler system failed and our lawn maintenance guy didn’t catch it in time. Your photos are lovely and magically festive in color for this time of the year. Wishing you much joy and happiness this season. Kim

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