Christmas Crafting

Last week, with my group of women and one man with moderate intellectual disabilities, we made Christmas trees. Christmas can get very expensive, so I thought I’d share this idea with you. It’s also quite eco-friendly. I was inspired to make these after reading Living Simply Free’s blog. Lois has been making a series of Frugal Christmas posts, with lots of great ideas. I gathered nine pine cones from my mother’s garden (thanks Mum!). Next, I saw a new fence being made across the street with a big pile of off-cuts. I asked the fencing man, if I could have some little Cedar Pine squares, that were lying on the scrap pile and he nicely said yes.

The ladies and man in my group sanded the rough edges away from the squares (which smelt marvellous by the way). Next they glued the pine cone to the block with PVA glue. With some white acrylic paint they frosted the edges of the cone and shook some laser glitter over the top. Once this was dry, they glued sequins on. I think they look beautiful. It was a terrific craft idea for them to do. They could do everything themselves Β and really enjoyed it from start to finish. One lady did say though ” I’m not having glitter on mine Jenny, I don’t like glitter, it goes everywhere, it’s too messy”. That’s fine I said, it’s your tree and you can decorate it how you like. I did have to laugh that night though, when I looked in the mirror, I was covered in glitter…

2013-12-04 13.43.59 2013-12-04 13.44.24

2013-12-04 13.45.21

2013-12-04 13.42.35


33 thoughts on “Christmas Crafting

  1. Jen love this, each one is special. This story takes me back to my childhood. I did this very same project, minus the wood base, with my mom. We were on a tight budget and my mom was very creative this way. Thank you for the memories. Also, today I am going out for my first social with a group of lady friends, to spend the day making ornaments with recycled components. I’m going out to my yard and collect pine cones and re-create my child-hood memories. xoxok

  2. Jen, these are amazing. I almost feel as if I had a hand in them. πŸ™‚ Your students did a fine job and to have a supply of cedar cuts was a bonus. I agree with the one woman on the subject of glitter. I hate it! It’s the one thing I won’t bring in to craft with.

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