A Street Art tour

One of the features of Melbourne is its tiny lane ways that criss cross the city. I went and saw Hosier Lane recently get repainted which I’ll show you another time. This week I was lucky enough, to tag along with the group of teenagers I teach art to, on a guided Street Art Tour run by Blender Studios, which I highly recommend.

The teenagers have become disengaged with school for various reasons, the program we run aims to create a pathway for them to reengage with education. After this tour the students will create a piece of art on a large panel of wood, they’ve been excited by this project and wrote me a shopping list. So, I have been buying multiple spray cans and things called Fat Caps, Vegan Caps and Widow Makers. I’m kind of excited too, I’ve seen lots of street art I admire, but haven’t been involved with making any before. My paintings are on a much, smaller scale. I can’t show you all the amazing art we looked at, because my students are in the photographs, so here is just a tiny snapshot.

2013-11-20 11.18.53

Material in Hosier Lane, Melbourne

2013-11-20 11.19.15

Hosier Lane yarn bombing

2013-11-20 11.17.12

Kaffeine’s beautiful work in Rutledge Lane

2013-11-20 11.27.23

Deb’s restored work in Hosier Lane

2013-11-20 11.36.53

Shoes hanging out around ACDC Lane

ACDC lane

A bird glows at the back of ACDC Lane

2013-11-20 12.37.29

A tiny fairy in Blender Laneway


31 thoughts on “A Street Art tour

  1. Jen, these are beautiful. Love the fairy, Deb’s restored piece and Kaffeine’s work. I would rather see art on the walls of buildings and tunnel ways than blank walls. I hope you are able to share the art your students create when it is completed. By the way, I have no idea what your shopping list items are, except for the spray paint. πŸ™‚

    • You might like to have a look at Kaffeine’s blog Lois, she does work with disadvantaged children. The tour guide told us that this piece was to do with self harm which made it very touching to look at. The shopping items were caps for the cans which give different outlines apparently, I’m on a steep learning curve πŸ˜‰

      • I wondered what the design represented, I saw pain and a withdrawal in it so self harm makes sense to me. I will take a look at Kaffeine’s blog as I’d love to see more of her art.

        You taught me something as well, I had no idea the caps had a name, well other than caps. πŸ™‚

  2. I have been learning japanese in Flinders Lane CAE so I have been hanging out around here too. I love street art and enjoyed your post very much. I look forward to enjoying what your obviously talented students make next!

  3. I love the bird on ACDC Lane. I’m assuming this street is named in honor of the rock band. As it is, I have a post-it note on which my Uncle Paul received a handwritten thank-you from Cliff Williams for checking the plumbing in his summer home in South Florida. Not many people are impressed by my post-it, but I always try it out on new audiences. Ha.

  4. Lots of different styles make it fascinating Jen . Look forward to seeing your *go* with spray paint cans :;-)
    Funny seeing that yarn bomb … there is one happening in town here next week I think I shall go and see what it’s all about ….

  5. Melbourne is amazing! Thanks for sharing this wonderful artwork on your blog Jen and hope your students really enjoyed the Street Art Tour.

  6. Wow these are amazing. Im not sure which one is my fav – i’d probably say the ballerina girl. They are all so great though. Thanks for sharing!

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