Midnight Rabbit

Where does your inspiration come from? For me, it can strike at any time; people watching, staring into my coffee, sitting in the sunshine, staring at the sky, playing with vintage fabrics, feeling inspired by exciting things others are doing. Never before though, have I found inspiration from my pajamas.

I have a pair of ‘passion killer’ flannelette ones that are black, cosy and soft. They have white bunnies dotted over them, with bright purple and green flowers. This I have to admit, is where the inspiration for “Midnight Rabbit” came from.

Midnight Rabbit reduced quality copy

Midnight Rabbit is available in Winter Owls


42 thoughts on “Midnight Rabbit

  1. Lovely story Jen .
    You are sure to be a cosy midnight bunny too then πŸ™‚
    That gorgeous night time darkness in your painting really sets off your White Rabbit !

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