The art of icing

I have very fond memories of going to the National Gallery of Victoria with my father as a little girl. He would take my brother and I to see exhibitions, and to do creative workshops there especially designed for children.

The NGV remains a place of wonder for me. I do have one rather traumatic memory though. As an art teaching student, part of our course was to take our tutor and class there and give them a tutorial about a particular artist. I chose Turner. My tutor and fellow students stood around listening to my Turner talk. A large group of visitors to the gallery chose to come and listen for my entire fifteen minute tutorial. As I was very shy at that time of my life, I could feel my face redden and start to twitch all over. As my Dad would say, it was character building.

Yesterday my husband and I went to Federation Square for a coffee and popped in to the Ian Potter Centre, NGV Australia. In the foyer, there appeared to be the detritus of a dinner party. Rather intrigued, I moved closer. There were plates piled up with scraps of food, empty beer bottles, glasses, a crumpled tablecloth. A gallery attendant noticed my interest and wandered over. “It’s all made of icing”, he said. Oh my goodness, it was! The cushions are icing, the food scraps, the wallpaper, the labels on the bottles, the light switch. I can’t tell you who made it unfortunately, as the exhibition it is part of is still being set up. It is part of Melbourne Now, an exhibition of 300 artists. I have included a link below which has a great video of what will be included. I am so excited by this, I can’t wait!

Melbourne Now will be on display at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia and NGV International from 22 November 2013 – 23 March 2014. 10am – 5pm. Free entry.

icing 2

Icing prawns and icing peas

icing 1

Icing wallpaper and icing gravy

icing 3

I wonder what an icing cushion would feel like to sit on?


26 thoughts on “The art of icing

  1. We must have been there at about the same time…. give or take. We were staying in the city for our anniversary and my wife wanted to see the 007 exhibit. We couldn’t find it but we did see this….. we also wondered but we lacked the helpful attendant….. looked great.

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