Giant spiders

Wednesdays is my day for teaching Art to a group of teenagers who’ve become disengaged from school for various reasons. The idea behind the program they are doing, is to create a pathway for them to reenter education at a post school level. Most of them are around 15 or 16. We decided as a group to create giant spiders for Halloween. On the table in front of them I placed black crêpe paper, goggle eyes, PVA glue, foam insect bodies, newspaper, pipe cleaners, wool, feathers, tiny pom poms and wool rovings. While they looked at the materials, I made a web on the window from some wool I had found in an op shop and some spider web stuff I found at a craft store.

They sat for quite a long time, not doing anything. This group has been so used to flying under the radar at school, that often they can be a little afraid to start. One student started reading the newspaper. Oh dear, thought I. Suddenly though, he asked if he could make a Kim Kardashian spider. Of course you can, I replied, as long as she has 8 legs. He busily got to work as did the others. They were happy with their end results and gave me permission to put them online. I think perhaps, Kim might like her spider likeness!

2013-10-28 12.57.50

“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web”           Pablo Picasso 

black legs brown legs green spider red back Kim Kardashian


37 thoughts on “Giant spiders

  1. You have some very talented students, the Kim k is so cute. I am impressed with your patience to set the supplies in front of the students them to leave them with out pushing them. You were definitely cut out to be a teacher.

    • Sorry to set your heart racing, the spiders are really very sweet and non threatening! The only spiders that scare me are Huntsman spiders. I was once drying my face in a towel when suddenly….

  2. I wish all the spiders I find in my woodpile were this cool!

    I know I’m repeating myself, Jen, but I think you’re a wonderful person. You’re using your time and talent to connect with hard-to-reach kids and pull them back into the circle. It just doesn’t get any better than that. Me and all my owl friends are hooting our approval here!! : )

  3. How awesome that you are making a difference with these disengaged students through actively allowing them engage. Always so important. I also work at an art, something (I am reluctant to say club; it’s so much more) Cheap plug here but website is Check it out. Maybe we can work together on some virtual trans global project…

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