The lungs of the city

Walking through the Royal Botanic Gardens, would definitely be on the list for visitors to my beloved Melbourne. Established in 1846 on a swamp, it’s now a favourite place for Melburnians to marry, picnic, stroll, run around the perimeter and simply take time to breath. I like to think of it as the lungs of the city. After walking through the gardens, my shoulders drop, my face relaxes, I just let myself be.

2013-10-04 17.50.33

One of the beautiful lake vistas

2013-10-04 17.40.32

The Rose Pavilion

2013-10-04 16.49.19

Guilfoyle’s Volcano built in 1876, was used to store water. After lying idle for 60 years, it is now restored and covered in succulents.

2013-10-04 17.33.36

Birds of Paradise point their beaks toward the sky.

2013-10-04 17.47.07

The large roots of the Moreton Bay Fig tree.

2013-10-04 17.58.58

Proud parents and their three little ones.

2013-10-04 18.01.06

Never the ugly duckling.


37 thoughts on “The lungs of the city

  1. I know I say this to you all the time, but … gorgeous! Just gorgeous!! Also, those little fuzzy ducklings (goslings? swanlings?) are just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen! 😀

  2. I was surprised to see the strelitzias, they are indigenous to South Africa – never occurred to me they’d grow anywhere else in the world!
    Your park looks wonderful. I imagine that many fairies live in the roots of the fig tree, it’s a perfect spot for them.

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