Three black ravens and a pink cockatoo

Does it portend anything when three black ravens fly over your head? I sincerely hope not because it happened to me today. Please don’t write in to tell me it’s a sign of bad luck as, I’m going to think of it as an opportunity to enjoy their glossy black feathers. Perhaps I have been thinking about Halloween projects for my classes too much.

My last three posts have featured the colour black, so here is a blast of colour to change things up. I’m hoping to do a series of Australian bird paintings, here is the first one. It features a Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo. It is the only Australian Cockatoo that is salmon pink below and white on top. It also has a sneaky crest that appears to be white but has bands of gold and red when unfurled. It’s larger than one of my other favourites, the Galah but not as big as the Sulphur crested Cockatoo or Cockie as we like to call them in Australia. I hope you noticed that I also snuck one of my other favourite things in, the doily.


21 thoughts on “Three black ravens and a pink cockatoo

  1. I nominated you for the new Word Press Family Award.
    What an awesome award to create and distribute. Here are the rules for us lucky guys who receive the award:

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    • Major Mitchell (1792-1855) was an explorer and Surveyor-General of the colony but not a completely nice man, apparently he was widely criticised for his treatment in the colony of aborigines. He has been described as a bit of a hot head and was the last person in Australia to challenge someone to a duel!

  2. I agree, they must be a sign of goodness. In the UK ravens have a special significance in relation to the queen and royal family. Legend says, once they fly away from The Tower of London, the monarchy will fall. But you should see them, at the Tower, being specially tended. They are gorgeous and offer so much. And that’s what you should take them as-gorgeous, cute and indicative of some new and fabulous tradition. Love the yellow too. It’s my current favourite colour…

    • Thank you for sharing this with me, I’ve never heard of the royal ravens although we do get to hear lots about the other royals! What a wonderful legend, I wonder where it came from?

    • Lovely to hear from you Kim and thank you for the Raven blessings. I have put the painting in my Etsy shop, now I’m having trouble deciding what bird to do next. I’m thinking perhaps the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.xx

  3. They say third time lucky and they arrive in three.. Jenni and you also crown it with Yellow and majestic pink.. and it always great to learn some history in the process cockatoo..

  4. Hello Jen Major Mitchells colours seem to clash with his reputation somewhat πŸ™‚
    Lovely painting with a bit of zing spring !
    Love Ravens ..Crows … a touch of dark πŸ˜‰

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