The black rabbit

A couple of weeks ago, I expressed my frustration with a painting I was doing of a black rabbit. A lovely fellow painter and blogger Violet, suggested that the rabbit might like to be accompanied by yellow daisies. So thanks to Violet, I now rather like this little black lop eared bunny. Although, my fifteen year old son suggested that it looked a bit like a pirate as it only has one eye….

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40 thoughts on “The black rabbit

  1. Tell your son he is blinking at him asking what do you think about my new crown??? have a good weekend.. I take it is a black week with the swan followed by the rabbit.. should we have a third one..

  2. Ah, this is sooo cutttteeeee ! Soft touch !
    And thank you so much dear Jen ! But it’s all your creation and you did a wonderful painting !
    Love it 😃❤️
    Looking forward for next one 😃❤️

  3. He looks like me doing tai chi– I have a headband just like that. Oh wait, I don’t do tai chi. He looks like me walking around all stiff from sitting at the computer too long… : )

    Lovely work, Jen!

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