A little getaway part 2

In the late afternoon we walked around Lake Daylesford, past a gushing waterfall to the completely still lake. What really struck me when looking at the lake, was the contrast between the native bush of the Wombat Forest on one side, and the bright green leaves of the European trees on the other.

We came back to the lake on the next day before we left for home. The wind had picked up turning the lake into a mass of ripples. Water birds were everywhere along the shore. We saw Dusky Moorhens, white ducks, ducks with beautiful iridescent green heads and the stunning black Australian swan. I was lucky enough to snap a photograph of a swan spreading it’s wings and rising out the water. Beautiful and strong at the same time.

2013-09-23 18.13.32

2013-09-23 18.43.11

Lake Dayslesford


2013-09-24 15.01.16

2013-09-24 14.57.19

swan flapping


15 thoughts on “A little getaway part 2

  1. Looks like a lovely place to rejuvenate away from the town or city Jen .
    Love that golden leafed tree dipping down into the still waters of the lake in the second picture and your rushing water fall .. I was thinking I would have to travel some way to find a fall to get up close to like that ..Wales Lol
    Timing was everything for your black swan ! Not easy to catch like that – surprisingly for such a large movement it’s over in a flash .. I’ve tried too 🙂

    • I wish you would go to Wales for me Poppy, I’d love to see your photographs of that! Timing is everything isn’t it? I just happened to be looking and have my camera on at the perfect moment.

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