Autumn Fox

Yes I know it’s spring time in Melbourne but for some reason I felt inspired to paint an Autumn Fox. I think it was thoughts about the rich, orange brown shades of foxes and the autumn tones just crept in. I can just imagine a fox making a nest of leaves and snuggling down to sleep. My Ruby doesn’t like to do this, but a friends’ dog does. Buddy loves nothing better than curling up in a bed of leaves. Ruby of course prefers to sleep anywhere she is not supposed to.

I’m sitting here, with my coffee, trying to think of an activity for my group of adults with moderate intellectual disabilities to do tomorrow. The challenge is to find something they enjoy, is not too difficult or too childish. Gentle Stitches has got me thinking about cupcakes. She made the loveliest Buzzy Bee cupcakes, which would fit right in with the spring theme that we have been working on. So I am off now to shop for the ingredients. I hope you all have a lovely Sunday, doing whatever it is you like to do, in your autumn, or spring.

Autumn Fox001reduced quality

“Autumn Fox” is available in Winter Owls shop

2013-08-21 11.42.24

“Ruby! Get off!” (Just stay there until I get the photographic evidence first)


13 thoughts on “Autumn Fox

  1. Love the fox and love Ruby. I have a picture of our Jack Russel sleeping in my sons saxophone case which I also snapped before “shooing!” LOL! Thanks for liking my cupcakes and I am sure your students will enjoy making them. 🙂

  2. Ah! You are clearly channeling autumn here in New Hampshire, Jen– and we appreciate it! Especially when it inspires you to do such lovely and colorful work (I’m referring to Mr. Snug & Cozy Fox, not Disreputable Ruby).

    Delightful post, good luck with the cupcakes, you are clearly a force for coziness and good in the universe (unlike some dogs who shall remain nameless). : )

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