Dandelion Time

When I was a little girl, my mother taught me to blow away the seeds of a Dandelion to tell the time. The amount of breaths you took to remove all the seeds, tells you the hour. I have to admit, I still enjoy doing this and the memory inspired “Dandelion Time”. I have been struggling for days with an acrylic painting of a black rabbit. It is just, not, working. Rather than stomp about in frustration, I put it aside today, and painted a white rabbit in watercolour. I haven’t used watercolour for years but have been inspired by some fellow artist bloggers to have a go. Doran, Violet,Β and ElenaΒ all have very different styles which I admire very much. If only I could have had them with me whilst painting the frustrating rabbit!

Dandelion time reduced quality for etsy

“Dandelion Time” is available in Winter Owls’ shop


49 thoughts on “Dandelion Time

  1. What a lovely watercolor work , dear Jen ! Love it β€πŸ˜ƒ
    Honestly , when I read your post I got tears in my eyes. So beautiful story and also you are so kind , dear .
    You did your painting beautifully , so soft and warm as your story ❀
    Don’t worry about your black rabbit! I’m sure that she would like have some yellow dandelion flowers around and I’m sure that she is not frustrating rabbit!
    Please do more watercolor paintings and I’m really looking forward to see them β€πŸ˜ƒβ€

  2. I love that rabbit and if my son and his wife tell me they are expecting soon I may just have to buy that from you for the nursery! I always loved blowing dandelion seeds and taught it to my grand children. They have changed the game on me, it’s now wishes for fairies. Everyone that they blow into the wind and is caught by a fairy, that fairy can make a wish. Reminiscent of wishing on a star.

  3. AW … Your Little Bunny is so delightful . Still love Dandelion Time !
    Goodness… can’t understand why haven’t you got your watercolours more often πŸ™‚

  4. We called them Dandelion Clocks, for the same reason, Jen; telling time by blowing. Hadn’t thought about them for a while, though. Thanks for reminding me . . . I love that rabbit painting! You just need a dozen more and a story line, I think.

  5. I’d never heard of telling time by dandelion– what a fantastic concept! No more watch for me– I’m wearing a dandelion on my wrist from now on… : )

    Love your rabbit, Jen. Yes, working with black can be difficult– join the club! Has anyone ever done a children’s book about “dandelion time”? If not, you could build your plot line around same– it would be a natural for you. Yes, I like the idea. In fact, I’m shouting, “Hare, hare!!” : )

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