Pink and grey, a perfect colour combination

One of my favourite Australian birds is the Galah. I think its colouring of pink and grey is a very elegant one and I might just have to paint some. Its voice is not elegant though, more of a high pitched screech. I love hearing that screech though, I rush around looking for the flock. Sometimes it’s just on the nature strip, other times in the local park.

It’s an intelligent, long living bird that can be taught to mimic human speech.Β My great aunt had one as a pet, that lived to be eighty years old, it had a few different phrases from memory. These though, are living free. I found a flock of about twenty of them in our local park. Can you see how dry the grass is? That’s because I took these photographs in January during our Australian summer. Grass is not green in Melbourne in summer, more like dried straw really.

“Galah”, was commonly used as derogatory Australian slangΒ for ‘fool’ in earlier generations, or even “flamin’ Galah” for someone really silly! But not so much these days, luckily for this beautiful bird.

galah 1

Pink and grey, the perfect colour combination

baby galah

A juvenile Galah

a pair of galahs

Galahs form lifetime bonds with their partners

front on

Taking a little stroll


36 thoughts on “Pink and grey, a perfect colour combination

  1. That IS a great colour combination! Very, very pretty. And I have to tell you, I love that first photo especially, where the little dude (or dudette?) looks so chubby and fluffy!! I think we should start using “galah” as slang for “soooooo cute” !!! πŸ˜€

    • They really are sweet birds, I was able to get quite close to photograph them(about two metres away). I found one of their feathers too and they are really soft and delicate. I imagine they would be lovely to pat.

      • Each locale has such wonderful wildlife and plants, too bad we can’t share them. Enjoy your feather, I have a collection of feathers in a hurricane glass here.

  2. A beautiful bird… I’ve not read much about these, so I will keep busy for a while absorbing more data… thanks for such a great post!

  3. What beautiful pictures.I made a fair isle knitted vest of galahs once. I think you would paint beautiful aussie birds. I would love one. I live near merri creek and I see these sweeties too πŸ™‚

  4. We get great amusement when out strolling by imitating Alf Stewart if we see a group of these birds by exclaiming loudly, “You bunch of flamin’ galahs!” … Juvenile, but funny.

  5. And on an entirely unrelated note, are your foxy foxes available for sale still? And If so, do you have a link to them? Because I’m about to review the about-to-be-released book Skulk, by Rosie Best, which has a definite fox theme, so I’d love to pop a link to your foxes in my pre-review teaser post…

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