Foxy Ladies

I’ve had it in my mind to make foxes for a while now. I have a lovely rusty chenille bedspread that I want to make some foxy cushions from. To start with though, I’ve made some foxes from a vintage, very orange, pure wool Australian blanket. I think they’re pretty foxy looking! For those of you who like Foxy Ladies and Jimi Hendrix, you might want to pop inΒ here. This is something that makes me laugh hysterically every time and has my boys telling me I’m so weird….

Frankie 1

Frankie the foxy lady

Felix 1

Felix the foxy lad is in Winter Owls shop with Frankie

Frances 5

According to my boys, Frances is freaky looking. So I sent her off to in.cube8r gallery where she would fit right in.


29 thoughts on “Foxy Ladies

  1. Wayne’s World! Party Time !! Excellent !!!

    Oh, that made me laugh. And those foxes are adorable – I just love the eyelashes on Frankie !!

    What a wonderful start to my morning, thank you Jenn πŸ™‚

  2. I think Frances is adorable! They all are actually. Let your boys think what they will a little Wayne’s World is good medicine for what ails anyone. And yes, that clip cracks me up every time.

  3. Your boys are right: you’re very weird, Jen!! Just kidding. Men often have such fantasies in donut shops, especially if there’s a jukebox… : )

    Love the foxes. Real foxes have a long way to go before they’re as cute as that!! Hats off to Australia’s preeminent Foxy Crafter!! : )

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