More mushrooms…

Mushrooms continue to pop up in unusual abundance in my garden this winter. I nearly stepped on these tiny taupe mushrooms camouflaged among the stones in my back garden. They were about the size of my thumbnail, looking like they would be more at home under the sea than on land. Later, I spotted some small orange mushrooms beneath the lemon tree. A perfect platform to show off a tiny vintage owl. This is the baby owl of a vintage trio of three that I found on Etsy and is only 2 cm high. Sadly, no white spotted red mushrooms, like the ones from my childhood appeared. So, I painted some.

tiny mushies

Tiny mushrooms or under the sea creatures?

orange mushrooms

Orange mushrooms under the lemon tree.

orange closeup

Delicate frilly underskirt

owl on mushie

Perfect platform for a tiny vintage owl.

away with the fairies reduced for etsy

“Away with the fairies” available in the Winter Owls Shop.


44 thoughts on “More mushrooms…

  1. What a lovely collection of mushrooms Jen ! Still have n’t found my red spotted variety …those tiny ones do have a bleached by the sea quality about them .
    A *wish* in the making- eyes tight shut- and then a magical journey awaits ….

  2. funny it is summer here in the south eastern part of the US and we are also over run with mushrooms… I actualy will finish a blog today about our trip to the woods to find edible ones… it must be a mild winter in your area… we get freezes here so we are not able to see mushrooms in the winter

    • I just read your foraging for mushrooms post and I must say your mushrooms in the woods are much bigger than my backyard ones! We have had a strange winter so far. Yesterday was the hottest July day on record 23 Celsius and today it’s back to it’s usual top of 13 Celsius. We occasionally get frosts but very rarely get snow.

      • I have no idea, I have never acquired a taste for mushrooms and never learned to identify the differences. We have so many varieties here I couldn’t begin to describe all of them.

  3. I could send you a bucket load of Amanita’s if you like. The trick to finding them is knowing that they LOVE birch trees. Here in Northern Tassie they are legion. I had never seen them before we moved here from W.A. Love the painting. I “dig” whimsical 🙂

      • No, we have good old fashioned hallucinogenic till you die of kidney failure Amanita muscaria here ;). They love birch trees and as Tassie is full of deciduous trees you can see some magnificent sights around about now. There is an ancient stand of old conifers on the way down to Scottsdale in the middle of nowhere and if you walk into the woods you get this incredible feeling of being somewhere ancient. There is no sound, there are amazing stranded mushrooms in purple and white in large patches but the most amazing sight is a sea of Amanita muscaria littered just about everywhere. I expected to see gnomes sticking their heads out from behind trees. A great setting for one of your lovely paintings :).

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