Perfect weather for inside

Yesterday we were warned that damaging wind gusts could be expected of up to 100 km. It was certainly windy, doors were banging, loose windows rattled and the local paper blew all the way down my driveway, in separate sheets. I was very pleased I had attached draft stoppers to the doors the day before. It was the perfect weather for snuggling inside. I wrapped up one of my Bunny Rabbits that was going all the way to London for a little girl’s birthday. A bunny also went to New Zealand a few weeks ago. My bunnies are becoming world travellers! I’m quite envious of them, I haven’t been to either country although they are both on my wish list.

Late in the day, there was an amazing view of a tree in a neighbour’s garden that was gilded by the setting sun. Ruby spent the day after her windy walk snuggling. You can see her here, snuggled not in her bed, but in my beanbag where she is not allowed to be….

2013-07-01 15.32.51

Off to London

2013-07-01 15.50.17

All wrapped up.

storm coming

As the sun goes, down it gilds the tree with golden light.

storm 2

At the very top of the tree is a magpie, can you spot it?


Ruby snuggling in where she is not supposed to be…


40 thoughts on “Perfect weather for inside

  1. It is warm here but we had dome serious thunderstorms last night which were pretty amazing to watch and listen to. You are quickly becoming well-known around the world. I still like knowing I was one of your first customers from your blog😊

  2. Adorable bunny, and fabulous images of that golden tree! Love the picture of Ruby with that look in her eye “I know I’m not meant to be here… but look at me, I’m so cute how could you possibly chase me away from this nice and cosy beanbag!”! 😉 x

  3. I love all of your photos, but that one of Ruby is just too funny! I swear she’s more expressive than some people I know 😀 And congrats on the bunnies becoming world travelers by the way – that is so exciting!

  4. Here Jen it has been proper Summer weather for two glorious days ! Everyone has a smile on their faces and the Instant BBQ packs are flying off the shelves .
    It’s hard thinking of the chill and wind now with you after all your Summer posts about the high temperatures and lack of rain . Indoors is good snuggled up and warm … Ruby certainly knows that playing all coy and cosy on sssh the ‘forbidden’ beanbag 🙂
    How wonderful to think of globe trotting bunnies , they are so very lovely and beautifully made 🙂

  5. that was a windy day indeed.
    my neighbour had her house flattened with her in it in 2009 (at the end of that horrendous Summer) so she gets very edgy when it gets windy. We are quite sheltered here in our own mini valley so no harm came to any of us but the dogs got a bit wind blown on our walk…….. good snuggling weather indeed.

    • I will never forget that horrendous summer. Your poor neighbour, I can understand why she’d feel nervous. Your little dogs must almost have been flying that day!

  6. Okay lucky bunnies traveling to far away places, Are they sewn from recycled blankets? New Zealand is def on my wish list of places to go. Golden tree is amazing against that dark sky. Yes I saw the magpie – it wasn’t easy though. Sweet dreams Ruby. Y’all be safe.

  7. Fantastic work, Jen, and I love that tag: “loving made in Winter Owls’ Studio in Australia.” I can just imagine a big smile on some little girl’s face, and big delighted eyes, too, to think her new friend came from such a magical-sounding place. Rabbits, dogs, blankets, brilliant trees, dark skies, and a windy day– this was definitely a warm and cozy post!!

    Oh– and an elusive magpie drinking hot chocolate… : )

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