Vintage lights

I found these lovely vintage lights, suspended rather precariously from the ceiling, of an old picture theatre in Coolangatta , Southern Queensland last year. The old milky glass and pastel colours appealed greatly to me. It’s only my opinion, but I find them far more attractive than most modern light fittings.

The old picture theatre is now a jam packed antique and collectibles shop. I love to visit when we holiday near by every few years. There’s too much to show you in one post, but I think I have to share something I’ve never seen hanging from a ceiling before; a show girl cow. Enjoy.

vintage lights1

Beautiful old light fittings

vintage lights 2

I didn’t fancy standing underneath this ladder.

flying cow

Something you don’t see everyday, at least in my part of the world…


22 thoughts on “Vintage lights

  1. Don’t see many cows like that in the flesh pot that is Southend. I must admit though, it’s the kind of piece you’d see in Brighton. As for those lights; when did gorgeous cease and functionality become the vogue?

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