Waiting in Yellow

Standing calmly in her yellow dress, holding a basket of flowers, she looks upwards with her eyes as she waits.

What is she waiting for?

Waiting in yellow reduced quality for etsy copy

“Waiting in Yellow” is available here.


18 thoughts on “Waiting in Yellow

  1. She is so beautiful Jen !
    Maybe she is waiting for a new freind painted by you , so she can share her flowers with that freind ❤❤❤
    Love her little flowers and also flowers around her feet which remind me my childhood !
    In spring time , when I had a walk with my dad in a beautiful , greeeeeen place near my home , there were plenty of those small , red flower there, like a carpet .
    You remind me such a beautiful memory ❤ thank you ❤

  2. She is very sweet, I really like her yellow dress and wouldn’t mind having one like that too! 😀 With a pretty dress like that, I would say she’s waiting for the sunshine to come back…because we are….well over here anyway! 😉

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