Mushroom time in Melbourne

It’s winter in Melbourne and all of a sudden, I’m seeing mushrooms popping up in my garden. Hopefully none of them are the Deathcap mushroom which is fatal to eat.

When I was a little girl I lived in a semi rural area and I remember walking through pine forests and seeing the most magical looking mushroom. Bright red with white spots and as big as a bread plate, I looked carefully for fairies, but sadly they must have heard me coming. I can also remember tiny old Italian ladies in head scarves, sneaking into our garden and picking orange mushrooms which they obviously knew were edible.

Recently I had to spend two hours in a doctor’s waiting room. I read the magazine I had brought with me and then looked in my bag for something to draw on. All I could find were pieces of old books that I had kept from when my students last year had made secret book safes. I began sketching and what should pop up, but a mushroom!

mushroom 2 mushroom 3 mushroom 1orange mushrooms garden sketch 2


36 thoughts on “Mushroom time in Melbourne

  1. I used to see those red and white spotted mushies a lot when I was younger. I love the drawings, particularly the expressions of the Owl and girl having a snuggle. šŸ™‚

  2. I just love that picture of those orange-y coloured mushrooms! Well, ok, I love all of your pictures, but you know what I mean. šŸ™‚ That colour is just fantastic! And so are you!

  3. Great picture takings. Love your sketching too I am sure you read the full book before you used it. After all it is only Chapter 6… I take it there is more to come.

  4. The photo of the three mushrooms poking out from under the stone seem so symbolic of strength and fortitude. I like the visual I get when I think of the women sneaking into the garden to get the mushrooms – draw that. All of the sketches are charming. I often use old book pages to do my doodles.
    Hope the doctor visit was a good one.

  5. I have always been fascinated by mushrooms , and I have seen the bright red one with white polka dots that look like cotton balls, I thought it was magical too but what is so ironic is that it is one of the deadliest…

  6. Lovely post Jen. I’m glad you time for a sketch there šŸ™‚ Girl and owl very companiable indeed .That look on her face says it all .
    I have red spotty mushroom pictures somewhere … you’ve reminded me …

  7. Love the drawings on old pages.
    There were lots of little old migrant ladies around when I was a kid too.
    We rather unkindly called them ninjas.
    They were in a lifetime of mourning we saw them as very old assassins.
    I would often see them on vacant land harvesting what looked like weeds to us, but they knew better. I wonder if they passed this knowledge on to their daughters or were their daughters too keen to throw off the old ways?

    • I don’t think I knew about ninjas when I was little, but I do remember hiding behind my grandfather when he spoke to a black clothed lady in his street as I thought she may have been a witch. I think I read far too many fairytales…. It’s very sad that so much knowledge is being lost, that’s why I love the resurgence of interest in crafts that has been happening over the last decade.

      • I know that it probably doesn’t matter in the long run but I get a bit sad at the thought of things being lost, and agree with you delight at the resurgence in the interest in crafts. In short, people like and need to make stuff.

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