Farewell autumn

Today we farewell autumn in Melbourne and tomorrow winter arrives. Not my favourite season. When I think of winter I think of short days and long nights, cold, dreary, drizzly weather, with the occasional wind from Antarctica blowing through town just for a change. But what I love about winter is the excuse to snuggle in bed reading with my hot water bottle, lots of hot soup and baking and making coffee last for ages whilst chatting with friends in coffee shops. Now that I think about it, it’s not so bad really……

2012-04-21 18.40.33

Leaves ablaze with autumn colour.

pair of hearts

The Forest Pansy changes from burgundy to bright yellow in autumn.

autumn Ruby 2

Miss Ruby enjoys the last of the autumn sunshine.


44 thoughts on “Farewell autumn

  1. Lush! I’m sure the Melbourne winter is preferable to the Berlin one, which is basically arctic! Or has been of late anyways. I’m loving your photography by the way.

  2. I love the colours of autumn, you’ve captured them perfectly in your pictures. Is winter even that cold in Australia? I must be under some kind of illusion that the sun shines all year round!

  3. Those colours are beautiful! The red on the tree is so amazing, it looks as if it’s on fire! As for the winter coming I’m sure Miss Ruby will l love getting nice and cosy near the chimney or heater! 😉 x

  4. Sounds more like our west coast (home to me); I tired of it occasionally, mostly due to clothes being damp/wet/sodden so much of the time. Of course, proper rain gear would have helped . . . we had cool rain here the past two days, thunder, lightning and hail included at times. It was lovely and exciting . . . I’m with you on staying in bed with a good book (did that yesterday and this morning as well), also soup, baking and coffee with friends . . . or even at home with my book 🙂

    • We had lots of lightening last night and 48 millimetres of rain in 24 hours! Thankfully though that was unusual and we really needed it as May was so dry. I’m off to bed now with my book 🙂

  5. Oh {{Ruby}}
    I think your take on Winter is sounding good J , v good, add on a creative *ideas* Notebook and Pen with you in that snuggly place and you might not be seen for some time … 🙂

  6. I love winter. I love distinct seasons. Each one has it’s special charm but Autumn and Winter are special.
    I’m writing this after a grey day here in The Hills, sitting in front of an open fire with one dog on my hip another on a bean bag near the fire, just finished dinner, drinking a glass of red with a Rare Muscat to follow, and my good lady is baking a cake………… Winter rocks.

  7. My brother cheated this year and bypassed winter completely! He was studying in Chile, came home in April (just in time for the temperatures to have risen to satisfactory levels), and now gets to enjoy yet another summer! I feel like he planned this very well…

  8. The russets of that first photo are sooo beautiful. Leaves are amazing things aren’t they. I mean I know the human mind can’t take in the amount of greens there are on the planet, but at least in autumn, you can see the trees were different shades of green. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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