Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Brunswick Street Fitzroy is a favourite haunt of mine in Melbourne, I fell in love with it as a uni student and love visiting when life in the middle suburbs feels a little boring. It’s a melting pot of university students, artisans, housing commission dwellers, professionals, hipsters and sadly, the homeless. It’s a bit grubby and definitely not conservative.Β It’s laden with coffee shops, restaurants of many ethnicities, groovy little clothing shops and galleries, housed in old Victorian shops with peeling paint. Tiny little terrace houses pack the streets under Plane trees and lanes are paved with bluestone. I thought I’d give you a little tour….

fitzroy 1

Businesses often commission graffiti artists to decorate their walls to deter the less skilled graffiti vandals.

fitzroy 2

Can you see tram lines in the middle of the road? Β Trams are a big part of Melbourne’s public transport in the city and inner to middle suburbs.

fitzroy 4

Fitzroy Artist’s Garden

fitzroy 5

A giant Kewpie doll? Well why not?

fitzroy 6

Side street coffee shop

fitzroy 7

Stunning mural…

fitzroy 8

The side of a small house

fitzroy 9

A street performer

fitzroy 10

Hopefully not made from real dogs….

fitzroy 11

Brunswick Street Fitzroy


40 thoughts on “Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

    • Well, I actually took these photographs in summer and it’s definitely not sunny there today. Today in Melbourne, we have grey, drizzly skies and cold air. Brrrr…

  1. So much inspiration on a street. The kewpie doll made me smile…I had a kewpie doll when I was a young girl and still love kewpie.

    • It always give me a surprise when I look up and see the Kewpie doll. I had one too when I was a little girl. I don’t know what happened to it, but I still have one of my mum’s which is special.

  2. Fantastic tour, Jen! Love the ambiance– I’m ready to move there right now! You’re a wonderful guide. Now if there were only some way for me to hand you a tip… : )

  3. Lovely arty tour J .
    I like the Japanese lady on the side of the house looking slightly coquettish πŸ™‚
    Fitzroys Artists Garden looks worth a wander around !

    • I love the Fitzroy Nursery, it’s always a surprise to see such a lush green space in the city. It’s crammed full of plants of all kinds and lots of artist made sculptures, birdbaths, fountains etc. Inside, there is a gallery space up a set of old stairs that always has something interesting happening.

  4. I don’t have enough superlatives for those photos! I love that sort of graffiti and wall art and wish there were more of it here. Edmonton does have some murals, but most are pretty unadventurous. And the houses . . . not to mention that coffee shop . . . where I could spend a week or several, drinking whatever, reading and people-watching; maybe even discussing those deep issues that burn up the brain at night . . . thanks so much! ~ Linne

  5. I adore commissioned graffiti, not sure I would want it on my home though. I can see what attracts you to this section of town, it would me too as it seems to allow for free expression. I’d love to know more about you artist’s garden.

    • The artist’s garden is packed full of plants of all kinds as well as artist made garden sculptures, pots, weathervanes, fountains, flying pigs and almost anything else you could imagine. It’s amazing how many things they manage to fit in a relatively small space for a nursery. Here is the address if you want to have a better look:

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