Ruby the hedonist

Sometimes, I think it might be nice to be a dog and live a life in pursuit of pleasure. No bills to pay, work to go to, housework, cooking, no telephones to answer. Nothing much to remember to do, other than finding the most comfortable spot in the house. Can you tell I’m feeling a little tired?

Ruby is always trying to sneak on to the throw rugs on the sofa, especially if there is a patch of sunlight. She loves nothing more than snoozing in the sun (apart from eating of course). I found this lovely crocheted rug in a charity shop for $4.00. Someone has put a lot of work into it and I love the bright sunny colours they chose. It’s too small for me to use so I’ve given it to Ruby; as you can see she just adores it, hedonist that she is.

Ruby 1

Her most important job

ruby 2

Completely relaxed

ruby 3

Snug as a bug in a rug


Someone’s amazing crochet work


33 thoughts on “Ruby the hedonist

  1. Don’t be sad I regularly donate blankets to Lort Smith Animal Hospital and The lost dog’s home in Nth Melb. I would love to think of one my crochet rugs under a delightful dog like Ruby. Snug as a bug and nice and warm! (PS I will tell you a secret, they don’t take long to make.) shh!

    • Well now your secret is out! I think it would take me years to make! It’s lovely that you donate blankets to the lost dogs home. The poor dogs at the RSPCA have only got my old towels…..

  2. Ruby looks very happy with her blanket! Cinnamon, my cat, is on a constant mission to find the ideal sleeping spot. It involves lots of squeezing into too small cardboard boxes, curling up in baskets of clean washing, and sitting outside bedrooms in the middle of the night meowing and meowing until someone gives up and lets her in. Pets are a very lucky bunch!

  3. Ruby is a picture of bliss and contentment right down to the leg casually stretched out there … I think she has well and truly nabbed this for herself J 🙂
    I can’t get over what turns up in thrift shops either … wonderful find, and at least it is being very much appreciated …

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