A very happy bee

 I wanted to show you a very show offey (is offey a word? I’m going to use it anyway, I like it.),  Australian tree called the Red Flowering Gum (although I just learnt it is actually a bloodwood, not a gum). This tree is native to Western Australia but it seems to be flourishing on the other side of the country, in my parents in law’s garden on the Mornington Peninsula.

This is a tree you cannot ignore and apparently neither can the bees. The bee below flitted from flower to flower, immersing himself in them. I think you could say he was in Bee Heaven.

flowering gum 2

The Red Flowering Gum

flowering gum 1

Bee Heaven

flowering gum 3 reduced pixels

A headless bee?

flowering gum 4

Pale flower buds spring open to reveal the unfurling red flower.


44 thoughts on “A very happy bee

  1. That colour is just amazing! And I think that showy offey is totally a word! I love it too, and the two of us are enough to make it legit in my book. 🙂

  2. My oh, my, that is a very “show offey” tree! lol 😉 It’s beautiful! I’m sure you can spot it miles away! 😉 It’s amazing to see all the fantastic colors there are in the nature!! =)

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  4. Wonderful and happily showy-offey 😉 I did not know that there were different types of bees until I saw this, our bumble bees are fatter and rounder (and a little furrier) than the one you show here. Bees are good 🙂

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