Votes for women, step in time.

A fascination for chimneys and rooftops developed from childhood film favourite Mary Poppins. Featuring a very sooty scene on London rooftops complete with singing and dancing chimney sweeps and fireworks and ending up with votes for women in an elegant house. What’s not to like about that?

Apparently New Zealand was the first country to grant votes for women in 1883 and Australia in 1902 was second(earlier in South Australia). Something not to be proud of in our history is that Queensland and Western Australia barred Aborigines from voting until 1967 and most Indigenous Australians in the other states were not made aware that they had the right before then. For anyone interested in reading more about this you can visit the Australian Electoral Commission.

But I digress, back to chimneys. Listen to “Step in time” from this scene but don’t blame me if you find yourself humming it for the rest of the day, it’s very catchy. One early childhood memory has me standing on top of a dog kennel with an open umbrella, jumping off just like Mary Poppins, but sadly not floating gently down.

An attribute that really draws me to old houses is the detail included on functional parts of the building such as chimneys. Everything was made to look attractive on these homes. Whilst I like modern homes too for their simplicity and easy upkeep, it is really old homes that grab my imagination. Our suburb consists mainly of 1920’s to modern day homes with a couple of Victorians dotted here and there so not a lot of decorative detail. In the nearby swanky suburb of Canterbury however, I can soak up decorative details on lovingly restored old homes from the Victorian, Edwardian and Between the Wars eras, as I walk along it’s leafy streets. Here are some chimneys that I thought you might like.

Chimney 1 chimney 4 chimney 5 chimney 6 Chimney 7 Chimneys 11 Chimney 10


32 thoughts on “Votes for women, step in time.

  1. How funny – just yesterday I was talking about how much I love this video for “Ready to Go” by Panic! At the Disco because there is a dance scene featuring chimney sweeps! I have also tried to jump from the ledge of our underground garage with an umbrella and, like you, failed. My mother convinced me to jump from the shadows of the rooftop instead of the actual rooftop.

    • Thanks for leading me to that video, definitely some Mary Poppins influence there I think! I wonder how many ‘Mary Poppins’ with broken ankles there are in the world?

  2. I adored watching Mary Poppins as a child…back before VCRs and DVDs the movie came on network tv once a year, to the best of my recollection. Our whole family would gather around the set in our family room and sing along with Mary and all her friends. The chimney top scene was always a bit mysterious to me as a child…kind of like a foreign world…and I did want to dance along with them. Your chimney photos are lovely…the character of old homes just can’t be beat. If money were no object I’d love to live in a home with lots of history, nooks and crannies, interesting architecture and charm.

    • Movies were so special then when we couldn’t play them at will. I think a lot of the magic has gone for kids today, although having said that my fourteen year old still loves watching The Sound of Music and rates it in his top ten which I love!

  3. As soon as I read the title of your post I started smiling … by the time I got to the end I was singing … did I mention I was still at work at the time? LOL! Totally worth odd looks from co-workers for a trip down memory lane with Mary Poppins. Thanks Jen!

  4. I loved Mary Poppins when I was little too, who didn’t!! I saw the film not long ago on tv, it had been ages since I had last saw it, and I thought it would be fun to see it again! And then came the scene on the roof tops “Step in time”…….oh gosh!!! I had forgotten how that song was never ending and during several days I kept on having it go round and round in my head!!lol
    Arrrrgh drove me nuts!lol And it aaaall came back to me again when reading your article!l o_O Thank you Jen!! lol ;-)) But anyway, lovely photos of those chimneys and lovely post I enjoyed reading too! 😀 x

  5. Those chimneys are really unique. And I never knew NZ and Aus were the first to give women the vote. That egalitarianism for you. And thank goodness for all the work of the suffragettes. And so enjoyed the jolt of my memory back to the Mary Poppins movie too.

  6. Great post J ! Yes that chimney scene was terrific in Mary Poppins 🙂 They give a finishing touch to an old building with all the different styles .

      • Makes for a comical picture in my head Jen Lolol.. you are talking from experience then 😮

      • When I was a teenager, I woke to smashing and crashing and ran out of my room to find Mum and my stepdad with their tennis racquets in hand trying to herd out a possum who had fallen in!!!

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