Not usually a lark…

When my younger son announced he would like to take up Triathlon as a sport I was excited for him; until discovering it would mean rising at 5.00 am to get him to the beach by 6.00 am. Definitely leaning towards a night owl, I found it challenging to become a lark. However once awake and at the beach in Brighton on Port Phillip Bay, I discovered a magical world of soft light, hot air balloons rising and black swans in flight. So incredibly beautiful, it is an experience that will stay in my mind for a long time. If you saw my painting from my last post I think you may see where I got my inspiration for it…

Balloons rise in the dawn

Balloons rise in the dawn

brighton sunrise

Brighton sunrise

morning clouds

Early morning clouds


Black swans in flight


Black swans fly over the beach

swans 3

Beautiful long necked Black swans

boathouses 1

Brighton beach huts with the city of Melbourne in the background

boat houses2

Inspiration for Winter Owls?


46 thoughts on “Not usually a lark…

  1. … maybe it won’t be so hard then next triathlon training day WOwls when you think of what you might be able to capture with your camera again !
    Love the idea of .. got to think .. a skein of Black Swans across the sky ….
    Great idea to get the jolly beach huts with the city scape in the back ground there 🙂

  2. What a beautiful morning you experienced and captured well in your photos! I love the balloons and the beach huts. We don’t have any beach huts in Brisbane. I thought they were a European thing. I love them!!! 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos. I love getting out and about early in the day, it feels so different. And look at the things you can see while everyone else is still fast asleep? I think they are truely “Stolen Moments.”

  4. What gorgeous photos! I see what you mean about the light, especially in the first two shots. Almost makes me want to become an early riser! Almost … 😉

  5. I wish him all the best, it is great hard sport.. The pictures are great and beautiful. My son is backpacking in Australia as we speak…He said it is beautiful and great people around.

  6. “Oooh” for the painful early get up and “Wow” for the beautiful morning sunrise and view! It’s like a magical world awakening!;-) Lovely photo with the colorful huts and the view of the city in the back!! ;-D x

  7. Beautiful photographs catching the rising sun over the water. The non-complicated construction of the beach huts juxtaposed with the city in the background…very interesting.

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