The reluctant Easter Doggy

There is a hot northerly wind blowing today in Melbourne, perfect for washing all Ruby’s bedding. After wrapping her bed in a fresh pretty vintage sheet, it was time for an Easter photo shoot. Ruby seemed to enjoy our Reindeer shoot at Christmas (see here), so props were gathered from the dress up box. Ruby sat patiently whilst I focused the camera and then looking rather disgruntled, she threw off her ears and proceeded to eat her bunny tail with glee.

ruby 1

The reluctant Easter Doggy.

Ruby 2

Hmm, I eat everything else so I ‘ll give these a go.

Ruby 3

I’ve put my foot in it now…

Ruby 4

Is this where my bunny tail is supposed to go?


39 thoughts on “The reluctant Easter Doggy

    • I love that you thought Ruby is a Boxer. My husband wanted a Boxer but I thought it was too big and bouncy when my boys were younger so we got a Pug x Cavalier. We often get people asking if she is a boxer puppy even though she is five! I can’t wait to show him your comment. Unfortunately Ruby is not always placid but she is certainly a character!

  1. Ruby has so much personality…I love it!
    Our boxer puppy…almost a year old now (and quite big and bouncy among other things) hates it when he doesn’t have access to his human family…if whoever is home is in their rooms with their doors closed or everyone is gone at once (which doesn’t happen often since hubby and I are both unable to work outside the home). So, today we were all gone and as I closed the front door on our way out for a few hours I thought “I wonder what it’s going to be this time?” Sure enough, when hubby and I returned he had gotten into the trash and pulled out yummy goodies like used paper plates and a beef jerky wrapper, tore apart the covers and first month of a daily meditation book and took a bottle of nice watercolor out of a partially open drawer in my studio area and ate the rubber dropper top off. Thank goodness the watercolor didn’t get all over everywhere!
    He was so ashamed when we walked in, but so glad to see us that his behavior was hilarious! Oh, we love our animals so much!!

    • Such a funny story. My son once didn’t close the bin properly and I walked in to find rubbish strewn everywhere, we’d had fresh pineapple the night before so the floorboards were horribly sticky. Later that night I found eggshells on the rug! It sounds like you had a lucky escape with the watercolour!!

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