A bird of many colours

I have always wanted to grow my fruit and vegetables but I have to say it is a little challenging at times. Why, I hear you ask? Because we have to share with the wildlife in Melbourne. The beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets pictured below can be seen eating my neighbour’s apples. You might wonder why they aren’t eating my apples. Well, that is because they have already been eaten by the possums and fruit bats and not one single apple for us humans! I don’t mind sharing but it would be nice to have some fruit. I do still love these cheeky birds though and their chattering calls to each other. They are entertaining to watch too, practising various acrobatics in the trees.

Thank goodness possums, bats, and various birds appear to not like my lemons andย grape fruits.ย My biggest disaster has been my tomatoes this year. They have been eaten by rats (which I find very creepy, I think it’s the tail)…. We seem to have a large number of rats climbing over the fence to visit, I think they are attracted to the next door neighbours chicken feed. Ruby my dog is very diligent about chasing them away but they visit when she is sleeping.ย Eeek, eeek, eeek!

rainbow 1

A bird of many colours

who's looking at who

Who is observing who?

eating apples

So much delicious food for us!

apple eaters

Not very well camouflaged apple thieves.

rainbow pair

Just hanging around……….


65 thoughts on “A bird of many colours

  1. What a gorgeous bird, we don’t have anything like that with those vibrant colors around here. I’m wondering if you can get bird netting where you live. We picked some up last year and it kept most everything from our plants. It wouldn’t help with the rats, but draping a large piece over your apple trees may help. While I cover most things with netting now to keep the wildlife out (it’s worked with chipmunks, birds, deer, bunnies, fox, and more) I do have areas that I leave wild for them to have. For instance when clearing an area I found wild blackberries, I cleared some of the vines strangling them which brought them back and helped them to produce more fruit, but left those for the wildlife as a concession of netting off what I planted for myself.

    Good luck with the rats, they tend to be very hard to get rid of around here once they find a food source. My grandfather only ever poisoned one thing in his life, rats.

    • I’ve got netting over my vegetables which stops the birds but not the rats sadly! I like the idea of sharing with wildlife after all they need to eat too, but I wish sometimes they would share more!

      • I know the feeling. Last year I held off netting, until I checked my strawberries and saw quite a few ready to pick. I knew the grand kids were coming to visit in a couple of hours and decided to leave the strawberries till then. I sat outside waiting for the little ones visiting with a neighbor. We had great fun watching the antics of a chipmunk who would peek out at us and entertain us. When the children arrived I realized the chipmunk had been thanking me for the treat with his entertainment as I had no strawberries left. I netted that night.

      • Those birds are beautiful. Here on Vancouver island the main pests are deer, racoons, and rabbits. I don’t mind sharing either but the word is sharing not them taking it all. Strangly though we,ve had more rats than usual around too.

  2. They are rather gorgeous. Ditto on the rats; a phenomenal animal with an amazing adaptive approach to scavenging. We have only ever had one deterrent that works, his name is Cheech and he is a small feline one cat rat killer. Since we got him the rats have mostly deserted us.

  3. What wonderful photos of wonderful birds. Dr Harry (the vet) said these are the funnest birds to have around ever. Believe it or not, our little dog Jack kills rats and them brings them to Mummy (me) very proudly. OMG!!!

  4. I can so relate to this. I think we were able to save about a dozen of our tomatoes the remainder were devoured by the king parrots and rosellas.

  5. My parents have placed netting over their apple trees but the lorikeets still eat all the fruit and sometimes get trapped, so dad has to help them get free. He also made a contraption with pieces of metal on a long wire which was tied from the tree to his back verandah. He would shake the wire from his verandah to scare the birds away but they would return soon thereafter. He has now given up!

    Your photos are so beautiful Jen!

    • Your dad is so clever! He reminds me of that ad on television where a Greek couple have strung up their vegie garden very cleverly with all sorts of bird scarers. My step mother hangs CD’s in the garden to try and scare birds away but I don’t think it’s very successful. I’m glad he helps the birds get free, it’s awful seeing them trapped.

  6. Stunning photo! I must say it’s disappointing that you don’t get many fruit and veges but it sure is lovely having there beautiful creatures around. I have possums and lorikeets too (and rats) ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’m sorry about the fruit and vegetable loss. I too lose mine to wild life, but I must say none as colorful as these birds. Oh I just love these colorful creatures, I would gladly give them an apple or two off my tree in exchange for a photo or two.

  8. What gorgeous photos! We have a lot of brightly coloured birds here in Canada, but none who combine so many DIFFERENT colours together like that! Blue jays and cardinals are going to seem pretty boring to me now … ๐Ÿ™‚

    • No, it’s just because you haven’t seen them before I think. I’ve been envious of all the lovely Blue jay and Cardinal photos I’ve been seeing, stunning against the snow.

  9. These birds are stunningly beautiful. Sharing is a good thing, but it’s when creatures sample every piece of fruit and then leave the rest that’s frustrating. Great post.

    • Oh, how lucky having them come to your balcony! When I was little my mum used to feed a kookaburra that came to our balcony but where I live now there’s not enough bush for Kookaburras to be around.

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  11. So cheeky and endearing at the same time these vivid birds Jen … you managed to capture that beautifully with your photos ๐Ÿ™‚

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