A feast of oranges

Orange is such a happy colour, for me it is a reminder ofΒ my seventies childhood. My brother had an orange and white bedroom and mine was purple and white. Lately orange seems to be following wherever I go. It’s jumping out at me at vintage stores, asking to be taken home from thrift shops, popping up in my garden and inspiring my painting. Orange is a hot eye-catching colour but cooler than red. Usually I love red; it has been so hot for so long now in Melbourne that it makes me feel a little ill for the moment. Apparently Orange is a controversial colour with people either loving or hating it; no sitting on the fence for this colour, no shrinking violet here, I love it!


Groovy vintage pineapple lamp with some very dodgy wiring happening on the right hand side in a vintage shop.

orange vintage

More orange in a vintage store.


Orange Begonia flowers.


My well used pin cushion and vintage buttons.


Orange from peach to apricot to fiery.

apron 1

A vintage gingham apron, one of my recent finds from a charity shop.


There’s so much work in this apron, I like to think about who made it with such care.

apron pocket

Pocket detail

hula owls quality reduced

A pair of Hula skirt owls I was commissioned to paint.

scales, painting and teapot

Irish scales and a Chinese enamelled teapot both found at charity shops last week.


Strangely, the spout reminds me of the Loch Ness monster which I’m sure is not orange………..


53 thoughts on “A feast of oranges

  1. Orange is all the rage! I work for a library system that is building a new library, and the theme colour for all their promotions is orange. I am a fan! Like for you, it has happy 70s connections. That is a wonderful apron. And the orange really makes your latest owls “pop”!

  2. Love the orange in your piece! The hula skirts are such fun, too. Of all the other photos I must say I love the one with the shelves of various orange items and the spices and cannisters are my favorite with the pretty orange flower on them!

  3. Child of the 70’s here too πŸ™‚ I love all things 70’s it gives me a warm feeling of those safe innocent childhood days . Great post and those hula skirt owls are adorable πŸ™‚ hugs Ceri xxx

  4. Reading this post and comments reminded me of some orange hot pants I had in the 70s complete with braces and bib. I wore them with pantyhose and cork wedgie sandals. I am a bit crook this weekend so I am going to treat myself to something i wanted since I first saw it. A Winter Owls “Owl and the Pussy cat” from the online shop. : )

    • I think we need to see a photo of that outfit on your blog! Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, it’s no fun being sick when it’s so hot, somehow it makes you feel worse I find. I’m so excited you have bought one of my “Owl and the Pussy cat” prints!!!!

      Thank you so much and I hope you are feeling better soon. I will post your print on Tuesday.

      Jen x

  5. Jen, your hula skirt owls are so adorable!! So is the apron and I have to say the lamp really is quite fantastic. I love orange too.
    There are some orange items in my wardrobe and splashes of orange in my home. Enough to remind me of a happy, simpler time growing up in the 70’s. I remember the brown and orange print on our couch and armchairs, and the orange canisters on our kitchen bench. There must have been some groovy, orange outfits worn on my favourite TV shows such as The Partridge Family and I Dream of Jeannie too.

    • I’m sure The Brady Bunch featured a lot of orange too. The lamp is from one of our favourite vintage stores in Coolangatta which you you lucky person will get to visit soon and I won’t! No holidays for me until I get more employment! Boo hoo…

  6. A fantastic display of orange. I usually don’t think about using orange in my knitting. Perhaps I should? Love your hula owls!

  7. Oh YES def groovy man !
    What a great collection Jen , somethings really take us back don’t they …. I haven’t had a lot of orange in my life LOL but remember some pottery tea and coffee sugar jars too with a lovely orange daisy type flower which got discarded when the next – no strike that out – MY next fad came in !
    I did have a purple coloured swirly duvet set and painted two of the walls in my room chocolate brown …. er .. um πŸ˜‰

      • now why didn’t I make that connection it’s so obvious !
        Yes we have plenty of Cadburys Chocolate in UK Jen πŸ™‚
        A visit to the big factory is a very popular outing for atreat with children as you can imagine … and the nearby Cadbury Village is worth a look round too for its social history background.

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